……And he was killed! M Kalburgi breathed his last on 30th August 2015. He was shot dead by two unidentified persons just at or near his house. A sad day! An old man ruffled the feathers of his less prosperous Lingayat Community and paid with his life. What was at stake?

He was a successful academician although had he been a business man, the world of scholarship would not have suffered much. The field of his research was neither science nor mathematics or fine arts. His field of research was his own powerful Lingayat community. He wrote a book Marga 1, a work of Kanada folklore. He made some derogatory remarks against Basava, the 12th century philosopher which infuriated perhaps the less literate but more sentimental Lingayats. So the consequences! On that day not only did Kalburgi die but the most revered freedom of expression of India suffered a stroke of Repetitive Loquacious Syndrome (RLS). Journalism/Journalist of India suffered paroxysm of guilt. Not for love of freedom but grief of having lost the clout in the corridors of power in New-Delhi did they shed copious crocodile tears!

Just the other day someone asked; what is creativity? A twitter query! I replied: I throw a word in the skies and if it catches the attention of the floating words, I write!

I think that an author who creates controversy is an immature author. Unless you are contesting for political power, where controversies are created and bodies are dispensed with, why should you invite a reaction or create a controversy?

Let me put it this way. Suppose I have to enquire from a kid where his father was? I can phrase the query in five different ways. Sample this! “Son, where is shri so and so, or kid, where is your father or where is Bola Ram (nick name)- your father, or where is the man who sleeps with….. or something else?” At least on two occasions he will pick up the nearest pebble and throw it on my face. This reaction is not only justified but decorates the freedom of expression, in this case physical, with an adornment!

If one lives by the sword (of Freedom of Expression), he can die by all types of swords!

Charu Mazumdar reads riches to rags to death story. Kalburgi is riches to riches to death story. Both couldn’t digest riches! But Charu da needed to die because he told us real life stories unlike Kalburgi who was digging gold in the grave yard of the History of his own ancestry. Next the Theatre of the Absurd unfolded. The pretenders started howling. The targets started cringing. The targets are so pedestrian level intellects that they start playing the devil’s advocate before talking to the devil! The parasites are intelligent. The hosts are so accustomed to getting shamed that they relish the treatment! Court Jesters!

Charu da was caught by the police and brought to Lal Bazar Police station. On hearing his arrest his daughter Anita rushed to the police station “He was feeble and looked very thin and pale. He was gasping for breath. As a medical student I wished at least an inhaler or oxygen then. But he received nothing. I am sorry to say this, but I feel he was killed as his life saving medicines were all withdrawn. The nation never wanted to keep him alive”.

The Chief Minister appointed by Indira Gandhi to place a lid on the Naxalite menace was none other than S S Ray. He assumed office in March 1972. Charu died on 21st June ’72. The Naxalite menace was actually the protest of the poor people who couldn’t shake off the blight of the Bengal famine which was intentionally created by the Brits as they required food grains for war efforts. Charu da had lent a helping hand here and there during that period. The then faculty and students of Jadavpur University faced the same fate although on a less scale as compared with those of the East Pakistan universities in ’71.


The beauty of the Indian democratic revolution is that people have learnt to celebrate every scandal. The people don’t celebrate the success stories in the fields of science or progress in the social sector. The 24/7 TV news channels add spice to the otherwise drab or shameful incidents. The year 2015 was limping to its death. The Kalburgi incident injected some adrenaline into the election campaign which was to elect new members to the Bihar Assembly. The global media got suddenly interested. They deserted the battle fields from Afghanistan to North Africa via Iraq. The KSA led coalition were strafing Yemen.  Something sinister was cooking. So was the opinion of the political analysts.

On Sep 12, Uday Prakash returned Sahitya Award in protest of Kalburgi murder. His intellectual suicide was abetted by the Journalists. I fail to understand the connection. When Kashmir was flushed of its minority population in Jan ’90 no Hindu intellectual protested. The dishonesty of aged writers can’t expect to breed an honest India!

Uday Prakash became an instant celebrity. He became a toast of western media. Not for reasons that he was in the race of bagging a Nobel Prize but for demoting himself to become a witness! Suo motto he offered to give evidence against the claim that the Indian State/society was indeed tolerant.

This is the poverty of the Hindu scholarship! I have hinged the caution on my Twitter-Page. The Hindus think that displaying absolute goodness is some sort of an armour which gives pause to criminality! They have repeatedly tested this trick of hiding their cowardice draped in pragmatism. It is in fact one main reason which tempts even an ordinary person to flex his muscles. A door kept unlocked tempts even an honest person to enter and have an inside look.

 Nobody can take away from Uday Prakash the qualification of being a master of the Hindi language. But had he enlarged the aperture of his vision he would have learned that a crime committed on the street does not mean that the State has become intolerant. Unless there are specific laws passed by the State the allegation won’t stick. But there are instances where the States do pass legislations and qualify to become intolerant.

For upwardly mobile Hindus, America is the Mecca of their dreams. But beyond the focus on the Green Card, they ignore everything which America thinks or does. There are many instances which can prove that the US is not a tolerant country. I am not talking about the USA Patriotic Act Oct 2001. I am talking about NDDA 2012! It defines whole US as a battlefield and allows the US Military to indefinitely detain or otherwise dispose of anyone that “substantially supported” our enemies anywhere in the world. It allows the military to arrest American citizens in their own backyard without charge or trial.

 Now that Uday Prakash is somewhat on the same level as I am, I request him to recite the essay “Dadi Ma”, which is taught in class 7 in KV schools, before the students. I haven’t read an unreadable prose in Hindi language like the one used in the lesson. If we start dramatizing the language at the 7th standard, what have we to teach them at the graduation level? Educationists in India are yet to understand what education is all about? Or what language is all about? Prose writing is much difficult than poetry writing. Prose has to flow without causing a ripple. Like morning breeze it has to brush against the dew drops and quench the thirst of the needy! Prose is the platform! It is the pocket in which riches of knowledge are secured. The pocket has to be deep yet accessible like a traveller in a boat who puts out his hand and plays with water, with ease and comfort.

Is there a deep rooted conspiracy against the poor people of India who want to empower their kids with the skills of education? Is the degree of difficulty intentionally increased to discourage rural kids from studying!

Uday Prakash -the Shepherd whistled and became an instant celebrity. The allegations levelled were serious. The new political dispensation at the centre, it was alleged was encouraging suppression of progressive voices. But it didn’t cut much ice in Karnataka as it was a family feud. Karnataka was far away from New-Delhi. Something near home could be convenient and productive!

The next move was made in Dadri and I need not to repeat what happened next. Whether it was stage-managed or not I have no idea. But the battle of wits was lent a powerful punch when on 6th Oct, Nain Tara Sahgal the niece of JLN returned the Sahitya Award.

“Rationalists who question superstition, anyone who questions any aspect of the ugly distortion of Hinduism – Hindutva-, whether in artistic sphere or whether in food habits and life style are being marginalised or murdered” She thundered.

“Literature always anticipates life” Oscar Wilde opined in his essay: The decay of lying. “It doesn’t copy it but moulds it to its purpose.”

Why should an aged lady lend credibility to a lie when the world over Islamic aggression and internecine war was going on at an unprecedented fury? When Kashmir had been cleared of the minority population and SIMI and other Islamic terror groups were regularly attacking the civilian population what was the point in adding fuel to the fire? I can’t challenge her as she is very old now, but I challenge all scholars of India to come to the defence of JLN in light of what I have written about him in Ch 11 titled AIDS. I must stress here that I have treated Nehru with kid gloves and retained the high calibre artillery in my intellectual FOD.

When the intellectual ineptitude griped the intellectuals a no-holds-bard rush, for returning the awards began. The Academy was made the scape goat. It became a spectacle when the habitual burglars of the National treasury joined the party. Next the Rasputins chipped in. Finally the communists took over while delivering sermons on political moralities.

 Amongst all the angry authors I was surprised that Ghulam Nabi Khyal, the poet also returned the award. I am very much enamoured of him because he has translated the Rubayat with such an expertise which I consider better than what Fitz Gerald has done. How could he be tricked into a reaction although Kashmiris are 100 years ahead of the rest of India, in understanding the tricks of the trade-Politics!

The final result of the Bihar polls was rewarding for the protestors, and they were happy. The Juggernaut, they thought had been ground to a halt. Semblance of civility was restored. The freedom of expression was released from the ICU and discharged to roam the streets of India.

There is a very famous African proverb: The end of an ox is beef and the end of a lie is grief. The recent UP elections downed the curtain on all the tricks of the intellectual actors and jokers. The Theatre of the Absurd made their 2015 trickery look like; An Adventure with a Hooker!


I have no reasons to hate the enemies of India. They wear their enmity honestly on their sleeves. Their challenge is open and manly. They make me think of inventing countermeasures to save my progress/my country. I hate the patriots who sulk and sermonise and think that the challenge has been met. Many have forged armours out of neat shame and wear it to seek entry into the left-liberal club. They abet crimes against the Hindus. They convert every apolitical crime into a secular-communal divide.

But that is a very recent phenomenon. Earlier logic gates were erected to filter the news. With the declining political fortunes and rise of violent Islam, they have fallen on evil hands and evil days. The scenario was quite the opposite to what we see through our ears now!

In the Bardaman district of West Bengal lived a family which was committed to the Congress ideology. The family became the target of communist ire and all the brothers were killed. But the brutal part of the story is that the communists smeared the blood of the sons on the face of their mother! So became the phrase Sain Bari a new addition to the communist lexicon. (Mother made to eat rice mixed with blood of his sons!). Earlier ‘Gherao’ and ‘gono dolar’ had become dreaded phrases.

The political/ideological lynch mob culture was fostered by the CPM in West Bengal at the height of the Naxalite movement. This brought Jyoti Basu to power who allegedly instructed the police not to heed calls for help from victims. The ladies up in arms against the state of Gujarat in 2002 should have been more circumspect as they were witness to what had happened in West Bengal in the 70’s.

Very recently, a mob lynched a police officer in Nowhatta area of the Srinagar city. They mistook him for a Hindu! Almost simultaneously a crime in a local train in Haryana claimed the life of a young Muslim boy. Both were reported by one National Newspaper. The Haryana incident became beef lynching and occupied prominent space. Next to this the lynching in Srinagar was clumsily printed due to paucity of space.

We can count on our fingers the number of motor mouths who are habitual protesters like the professional witness actors who sell their art to defeat the truth.

I think that Indian journalism lost both its virginity and innocence soon after independence. The manner in which the political/social scenario unfolded before the leadership introduced them to their own infirmities. To make matters worse JLN as PM made things so bad that he marshalled outside support to pin down Patel who was a hardened politician. As Nehru started slipping along the refugee/Kashmir/Tibet/UN incline, the more he called upon Journos to project him as the ultimate saviour. The Gandhi’s death came handy. The 2nd partition happened!

This time it was in the world of Indian journalism.

At least one epitaph that has stuck to the journalists was recently coined by an ex-general now a Minister at the Centre. Presstitutes!  I have never used this word because no image goes with this word. No silhouette. No apparition! It also doesn’t cover the whole tribe. Something new had to be coined.

 Hookers and Nickers, I coined the two types. The word hooker carries with it an image. Seductive style, frugal clothes, confidence and swagger! A car slows down, words exchanged and the deal done. The Nicker variety also carries an image. A militia wearing nickers with a staff in hand! The Hooker variety mould narratives in a manner that infuriates the Nicker variety. The hooker variety has matured to tell lies with such a smoothness that gullible public take it as gospel truths. The nicker variety tells the truth with such clumsiness that people refuse to believe. The nicker variety cooks fodder and the hooker variety munches it with glee!

Hookers and Nickers!

In the slugfest between the two, the task of fighting terrorism in India is becoming difficult. Both are witness to the clumsiness of politicians and proficiency of the journalists who together manufactured recent wars since 1979. Yet they are creating, through their speech and writings such arguments as provide respectability to suspect ideologies.

It takes a spark to start a fire. It takes a rumour to start a rite. It is the duty of the Journalists to conduct their business with utmost care. Therefore restraint and not absolute enjoying the right of freedom- of any kind should be the guiding principle of all citizens of India.

The reason why I am writing this book (Bought Journalists) Udo Ulfkotte, the author says is that I am fearful of a new war in Europe and I don’t like the situation again because war is not ever coming from itself. There are always people behind it to push for wars and this is not only politicians, this is journalists too!

“I was bribed by the Americans not to report the exact truth. I was invited by the German Marshall Fund of the US to travel to US. They paid all my expenses and put me into contact with Americans they would like me to meet. I became honorary citizen of Oklahoma just because I wrote pro-American. I was supported by the CIA. I have helped them in several situations and I feel ashamed for that……….They work on your ego; make it feel you are important. And one day one of them will say “Will you do me this favour”. One day I was asked to print news of intel (never verified) to     bring down Mummar Gaddafi”.

Most of the Indian journalists might not know for which country/intel agency they are working for. The western democracy has created legal routes of infiltration into the less prosperous countries to plunder their resources. Democracy, Human rights, civil liberties, PL 480, Multi-culturism (now in disrepute), Freedom of Expression, NGO’s, Awards like Booker or Leopold and many more such pathways have been created to intervene in situations where none is required. The trap is wide spread. Take care!

I think those who have returned their awards should take a relook at what they did in the past after reading what I have drafted. There is always time to say; Sorry!

Never miss the chance to say it!

                    End of Chapter! The 14th chapter will be uploaded on 24/8, hopefully!