Recently to a query on SM platform I wrote: If you don’t know mathematics, you can choose any profession but never try to be a ruler. In all probability, you’ll end up in a battle field!

We inherited an administrative apparatus from the Brits which was inadequate even in ’47. Today the population has amassed to 125 crores from 35 crores. The present administrative reach is far less. The State is panicky now. It is rapidly shrinking in size to save establishment expenditure. It is visible only in three departments now: Defence, Revenue & Public Works. As the state shrinks, private players are moving in. Globally, I spy three empires holding court:

  1. Empire of Crime 99% latent,
  2. Empire of Education and
  3. Empire of Public Health.

While police and security forces are kept on toes by the first Empire, the second and third are consuming social resources disproportionately. Poverty creation is the gift, European education and Political model give to the world.

Has democracy failed to deliver?

Trouble is mounting. But there is still hope. There is a very good chance for us to create an administrative grid, with no extra expenditure which can improve quality of governance a thousand times. But that requires voices to reach the sacred sanctorum of the State where the Power resides. I have no access to those quarters. So, I keep the advice to myself.

As I have deposed earlier I was awakened to the horror of mathematics very late in my life. But I tried very hard to reach to the bottom of not only fake mathematics but also hypothetical gravity and gravitational waves. Sometime back I tweeted about it and tagged it to scientists globally. I shall reproduce this tweet at the closing point of this narrative.

I am not only suspicious of Newton but also about Galileo which will be another anti- climax. I shall talk about it only after physicist overcome their gravity shyness to encounter the next challenge.

For the present I shall reproduce one letter addressed to the Secretary to Government, HRD GoI in 2016. The letter remained unrequited.




To                                                                                                                                                26th Sep 2016

                                      Vinay Sheel Oberoi

                                      Secretary to Government of India

                                      Ministry of HRD

                                     Shastri Bhawan –  New Delhi

Subject: Teaching and Learning Mathematics – the Crisis

References:      1. An appeal to the Hon’ble HRD Minister 17 05 2016

2. E mail to Subash Chandra care CBSE 9th June 2016.

In a recently released report by the UNESCO, it was reported that India is 50 years behind the objectives of achievements in education sector. It didn’t surprise me because I have been myself moving from pillar to post to convince the authorities in my State that the math education in its present form is the single most effective stumbling block, which makes the young students to stumble every time they start juggling with this subject. After having failed to impress the scholarship of the J&K State, I thought of taking my tale of woes to the HRD Ministry GoI, but in course of time the officers have found no merit in my line of thinking.

Consequently, I was forced to invest in web site to get in touch with the world at large. I need not to repeat the ideas which I have discussed through this portal, but I will reproduce the Judgments I have delivered therein:

  1. The Indian domestic politics and diplomacy is a caravan of helplessness riding a carriage to no destination.
  2. The Indian Math is sabotage of high precision.
  3. G = 6.6 x 10-11 Nm2 /kg2 & E = mc2 are propositions of doubtful integrity.

Sir, you will appreciate that delivering such judgments do not only require pure understanding of the subjects under review, but a substantial degree of courage. But behind the exhibition of this courage lies pain in the mind of a senior citizen, now 69 who has a solution for making mathematics student friendly but for the men in harness who have no use for such course corrections. It fills me with great sadness when the son or a daughter of even a labourer is short changed in schools, especially in private schools.

Sir, when a beggar purchases a loaf of bread, he pays three rupees to the tax man. And when even such meagre amounts are swindled by say Mr X, and when he cocks a snook at us from foreign lands, the punishments follow. God multiplies mouths but rations water! So, we carry water in trains to parched lands in summer and drown in the same water when Nature’s tolerance level breaches. And when floods devastate lands, family ties are frayed and human traffickers start scavenging the surplus population, especially girls. In this way a cascading cataract of crime and violence is released in the society. Why is not Bihar overcoming her problems and uplift her poor population?

I hope that being in a position where your one sentence can change the fate of millions, you will go through my narrative and seek answers from scholars of all three streams.

A man on chair is next to Crown!

With Regards!                                                                                                   Yours Sincerely

Kindly acknowledge.                                                                                            S L Pandita



History settles nothing. Nothing abides. The Truth is slippery. One has to continuously filter information to reach to the bottom of the reality. The following Tweet was circulated world- wide.