“My love is thine to teach. Teach it but how, and thou shalt see how apt it is to learn. Any hard lesson that may do thee good.” Much Ado about Nothing


What is Cosmos? I don’t want to know that! I am already burdened by the crushing mote of dust called the earth; suspended in the Sun beam, a monotony in motion. In the cosmic dark the earth is the only place which harbours life. We should treasure it, keep it safe in the strong rooms of the Treasury of true knowledge.
Every teacher of morals has to do his duty honestly while earning his livelihood. “Is it the truth that what I am retailing?” A continuous self- criticism will filter information; rob it of its “belief” couplings and expose its beauty.
Newton lost reason and took a wrong path. The first Law of Motion clearly states: A non- accelerating body has no gravity. But 2nd law did the opposite. He invented force although momentum was force which gets realized at the time of collision. Those who followed him built an Empire of conjectures. The technology was at the same time making great progress independently. Once Einstein was legitimised industrial cosmos emerged. Now capital outlays meant for social sector are being diverted to watching sky with all the attending paraphernalia. In the process lethal technologies have been fostered. Our privacies have become hilarious public show now. In India we call it ‘Nukud Natak’.


The monsoon was very active in the region where I lived in 2012 under the foothills of the Shivalik ranges. The pansies were in full bloom. Comes dusk and it started raining. Soon a hail storm started. I panicked; rushed out to watch the horror. I saw hails in their festive mood, tantalising me.
“What’s up?” they called out. “Sad! But why don’t you accelerate?”
“That is a secret; unravel it!” That moment lasted an eternity and I was seeded to know the truth.
What happened was; when I looked up, I saw them falling very slowly and could count them. It occurred to me if I can count them means their speed is less than 25 frames per second or less than half a meter per second. In this way the problem expressed itself before me.


Till the time the big bang theory was proposed by the Belgian cosmologist, many theories were doing   rounds like the steady state theory. From the philosophical conviction to the working belief the astronomers have come a long way in explaining the origin of the universe. The steady state or the philosophical conviction was an open and shut case. The big bang or the working belief cannot enjoy such a luxury. The belief is a belief and as such is vulnerable to the onslaught and interference of the critics.
The study of the universe was never my field of interest because we here on the earth are far from leading relatively peaceful lives. It means that we still do not know how to manage our differences. Culturally speaking we are nowhere near a state of decency and the level of human sensitiveness which are the yard sticks of measuring the degree of culture, which we humans have fostered. What good is it to penetrate deep into the recesses of the universe if we cannot find a solution to the problem of filth which the European science has, in the form of polythene given to the world. I would rather concentrate studying the terra firma or at the most hang out with our solar system which in my opinion is the rarest of the rare phenomenon that has happened in our part of the universe.

Having given up on ‘A’ for Allah, the astrophysicists settled with ‘B’ for Big Bang as the starting point or the dawn of creation of the universe. Earlier Newton had settled with ‘G’ for God, the first push – Gravity, to survey the solar system and the physical world to bring it into the fold of a mathematical model. I took the liberty of sweeping the board from A to G and looked up at the Periodic Table. And I found H for hydrogen as the raw material that went into construction of this solar system.


It will be proper if I start with the working belief that the space in which the solar system is situated, was at one time filled with hydrogen or its inferior version plus isotopes 1P 1N and 1P 2N. By inferior version I mean, it was somewhat lacking something or was not geometrically comfortable. It means that the huge gas field was in the ambience of lowest entropy state. It is only the characteristics of entropy that tells us about the possibilities of changes if they have to occur. The pressure, in all probability must have been very high at the core. The temperature gradient within the gas field can be imagined, cool on the outer periphery hot, very hot inside, while the convection currents moving with gigantic speeds, inside out, carried out the thermodynamic assignment of the system. In such a scenario tornadoes and cyclones must have been a continuous affair, as we observe them happening on the earth, with periodic change of seasons. So, the catharsis of the gas was going on unabated till a huge hurricane appeared on the scene and like a huge celestial vacuum cleaner, gobbled up the cyclones, storms and tornadoes- unifying all the turbulences into one giant celestial vacuum cleaner. Here we can safely apply the Bernoulli’s’ theorem as pressure drops catastrophically and the velocity of the gas becomes tearing fast, shooting the temperature to millions of degrees. But in my opinion as the pressure dropped so did the density. As the inter-atomic distances increased the very nature of the gas tried a recovery. It tore the casing of atoms. Energy boom thus released was fit to foster the plasma state of the gas.


Nature does not require metal and mortar to manufacture the geometrical marvel called cyclones. Spiral motion of air, fast and undaunted, forms a cavity of low pressure around an axis which can suck- in any object, if the same comes within the focus of its eye, provided the strength of the system is competitive. The cone is the ultimate geometric creation of nature’s architect. It is a complex combination of curves like ellipse, parabola and hyperbola. All these curves are woven into one whole field with great ease and comfort. Let me try my hand on designing the cone which can serve as the natures’ fusion reactor as well, because the dimensions are in fractions and not in meters.

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