Of all the schools of thought in Hinduism, Maya is the only spirit which functions with solid authority in human societies, irrespective of their religious or atheistic beliefs. One has to access multiple sources of information and an analytical mind to unravel its ever-functioning authority.

The exact meaning of the word or concept eludes explanation. It literally means illusion. The observer thinks what he sees or understands is real but in actual sense it is a believable truth. A believable truth is a false truth.

Human thought and action are, an un-interrupting flow of events which breed common sense. It builds up memories. Generalisation of many memories presents itself as a contemporary truth.

In the previous century, events of historical importance happened. Brits were lording over a vast Empire and India was jewel in her crown. In the first WW Allied Forces won the battle of Europe to redraw the world map. New Arab nations were born. The noose was tightening around Indian Population. And in the Punjab people started skirmishes to frighten Brits to leave. The deception played the trick.

On 13th April 1919 a soldier of a disciplined army ordered forces to open fire on civilians who were in a festive mood. The massacre is known as Jalliah Walla Bagh massacre. The message from Versailles, where peace talks had just started was clear: Surrender and cooperate. The leadership were embarrassed by the enormity of the tragedy. They understood it but could do nothing. They even didn’t share the truth behind the massacre with public. The Congress surrendered even before the battle had begun. They prayed for second mutiny to happen, which of course didn’t mature.

Indian National Congress surrendered and cooperated. This sowed the seed of deception: Non -Violence.

This gave people an option: Hard path or comfortable highway for achieving a sacred goal – Independence. The INC chose the line of least reaction and people supported it. Maya at work. What appeared a milestone in 1937 when Nehru was sworn in to lead a local self – government turned out a mirage. In ten – year time Congress Trade Union type movement fostered an internecine war. Civil war claimed the false truth and reality dawned on hapless ignorant leadership.


The Upanishads describe the universe and human experience as an interplay of Purusha- the eternal unchanging principles and Prakriti – the changing material world or Nature.

The former Atman and the lateral Maya. Illusion is not the correct synonym of Maya. It means reality is ever changing. So hard and fast needs to be replaced with flexibility. Synchronisation with change doesn’t mean abandoning what we hold true. It means recalibrating interpretations, as aggregate Prakriti operating through entire humanity, which change as time passes. It means be like a sponge, move like fish, commit less achieve more. Be wise!

When Gandhi was leading social reform as also acting as sheet anchor of the leadership of INC another saint was doing something unusual. He was Dr Hegdewar. He interpreted the situation entirely from a third perspective. The second groups and lone Rangers were knit picking on the British mighty Indian State. The revolutionaries like Bhagat Singh & others and later on by Subash Chandra Bose walked violent paths. And they were fighting Brits less more against Congress and vice versa. They died and achieved nothing.

Gandhi abnormality was defeated in 1946. He became martyr in 1948. His efforts brought some fruits for Congress. But in 1949 the leadership realized they were unequal to the task. So, requested King of England shelter under Common Wealth Canopy. At that time Britain was holding 53 big-small countries under her colonial belt. India promised continued obedience after she became a Republic in 1950.

The deception handed down to both Nehru and Jinnah was so subtle and kept up wrapped in enigma that not even King George VI had any knowledge of it. And when Krishna Menon broke the news, he was taken aback. Unprepared he blurted out: “So I have become as such”! Next Menon drafted the London Declaration. A people who had redrawn map of the world asked Menon to do it was to give respectability to the document. The trap for future exploits of England was ready! Deception. Maya!

The metamorphoses of British Imperialism began when India expressed deference and respect for Colonialism which the Congress pretended to have fought in the past. Congress never fought for independence but were working for reforming British Raj. By hiding true intentions, they didn’t teach general public nitty gritty of politics. But the greatest disservice that India did was to those poor colonies who landed into the waiting lap of neo-colonialism like ripe fruits fall once they were let off by Britain in later years!

Maya at its best!

“Facts don’t cease to exist because they are ignored”- Huxley. The pious words of 15th Aug 1947 were dusted by the same person in 1949 when he begged for protection. British never ruled entire Indian landmass. By tricking Nehru and Jinnah into accepting to a partition entire Indian sub-continent came under her command. Pakistan too joined Common Wealth ab initio. Left it in 1972 but re-joined in 1989. In 1972 Pakistan pulled out to coerce Britain and international banking mafia to dictate Indira to fall in line. She had no choice. She surrendered. Shimla agreement, I have already stated reads like two ruffians reading their pledge to behave in future before 1st Class Magistrate! Pakistan re-joined CW in 1989 to oversee financial support through Hawala pathways for Jihad in Kashmir.


The second phase of establishing fake freedom struggle as real and sacred, scholars were given the task of withholding from the budding generation truth about the immediate past. New propaganda institutions were created just to hide the truth. In this way generations were brain washed. Now the situation is such that we are in a perpetual state of war within and without. Maya!

Placing Satyam ev Jayatay at the base of the National Symbol was a conscious effort of a very scheming polity. The task of governing India wasn’t the cup of tea of a leadership who knew nothing about how wars are fought and won? How empires are established? How people are disciplined through less by law more by strong arm methods? Nehru was no Qutub Din Aibak- a slave who used politics, tactics and appropriate opportunity to capture throne in Delhi. He laid the foundation of Slave dynasty. It ruled over North India for 84 years.

Nehru was no scheming, wise, bold clerk like Clive. Though he was as much ambitious but was carried on to the throne by two crutches – Moti Lal Nehru and M K Gandhi. What Gandhi couldn’t comprehend was that British appointed political mazdoors, to carry on their drudgery, of governing India. The plunder of India of course continues.

Reputation, rather lack of it made the rulers to promise heaven. But having surrendered much to the Colonial Britain in 1949 left them with very little scope for making any progress. The truth of 1919 became irrelevant in Round Table Conference; truth of 1937 irrelevant in 1946; truth of Aug ’47 irrelevant in 1949 and so on. Indian people didn’t take part in freedom struggle. Had they done so then the possibility of civil war wouldn’t arise. The political consciousness was not mature enough to perform at an optimum level once onus of fighting overlord ship was accepted by it. Maya tricked them, tested them at every stage.

India was not ready for freedom in 1947. But all-powerful Maya is like a Mirage in a desert. It sucks a person into a dry well.


In 1921 Indian population was not more than 32 crores. Average density of population 110 persons per square Km. It means 24 families/sq km. if concentration of population in urban centres is taken into consideration means the hinterland was sparsely populated.

Given the means of communication, need for travel, conditions of roads, safety during travel, security of villages the picture looks grim. In such a scenario a composite culture could hardly grow to create a unity among the enslaved population. To add to the misery the strangle hold of caste system over the society naturally discouraged any unity to accomplish something majority of the population hardly understood. In this scenario Dr Hegdewar makes his assessment and comes up with a solution.

Rashtriya Swayam Sevak Sangh!

“Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity” -Martin Luther King Jr. How did Hegdewar read the scenario in 1925?

If a hundred odd shopkeepers from England with the help of local human assets could enslave a vast country, so can we replicate it and forge a unity based on realisation of who we are?

He imagined that unity can happen without a marriage. Dutch had been here from 13th century. They were last to leave India in 1955. Diagnosis of the malaise he identified as: Lack of understanding of Indian culture by the masses. He had no idea what constitutes a Culture. Later on, Savarkar politicised Culture by packing it in a carry bag called Hindutva. Deception was complete. Today after 95 years it has matured into a dead weight on the shoulders of every Hindu by association.

The RSS has now matured into a cult of ignorance. This organisation debunked weapon of protest against oppression. Replaced it with improving the overall character of a person. Therefore, it is a school for training Swayam Sevaks, like Red Shirts of Frontier Gandhi. RSS openly hailed Hitler as a liberator of colonised countries. Gandhi murder crippled them. It became comatose at a very important time when Constitution was being framed. They lacked the will to take to streets. They didn’t teach Hindus how to press for demands; how to protest. So much for their character- building assignment: Dreams like Parakram, Hindu Rashtra and what not?

But they did by subterfuge supply leadership to what is now known as BJP now in Power. Being ignorant about what constitutes a State, they made a mess. How much difficult it is to govern through an intermediary- Bureaucracy, they couldn’t fathom. Now six years in Power they have destroyed every single prop and scaffolding of Economic well- being, not great but big enough to sustain a 130-crore population with ease. Nehru through his political ineptitude created a vast swamp in which every future Prime Mister will sink. Shastri, Indira, Rajiv are a classic example. After Rajiv, a rag-tag immoral period culminating in I K Gujaral began. Gujaral ascended throne of Delhi when Farooq Abdulla declared to the press: We have a compromise. We are unanimously appointing I K Gujaral, worthy of leading us. He survived 11 months. It coincides with gestation period needed by mother donkey to give birth to a new tragedy and pain.


Rishi Valmiki accuses Lord Rama in these words:

 हेममृगस्य जन्म
तथापि रामो लुलुभे मृगाय |
प्रायः समापन्नविपत्तिकाले
धियोऽपि पुंसां मलिना भवन्ति |

If existence of a golden deer grazing and springing, is an impossibility, still a person like Rama was deceived by temptation. Maya!

And when USSR sights a golden deer in Afghanistan post 1979 they end up poorer after 10 years. And when the US sighted a deer in the same place, there is no end to her misery. Vietnam wetland killed the very enthusiasm of war mongering of the US; she lost men, material and honour. And when Rajiv sighted the same deer in Sri-Lanka he went to hunt it but was instead hunted. Maya!

Just like teens and preteens establish standards of maturity, like wise the RSS has coined phrases which inject a flood of emotions in the Hindu population. Bharat Mata, Akhand Bharat are what I call real estate approach to building a national dream which like golden deer tempts many on path of self-destruction. Patriotism borne out from such hysteria invites reaction from Muslims who have been in India for 1000 years now. Nationalist, anti-nationalist slogan mongering is a diversion which is used to blind civilians from real issues. Once India became a constitutional democracy, matters of the state need not be served vicariously. No civilian is supposed to trespass on the exclusive domain of security forces. Nation, they should understand it, is an assignment of the State now.

The RSS has become a generic green House now. I would prefer a giggle house. Since they failed to register progress on the ground, they joined forces with the very people against who Hegdewar erected this enterprise. Now they wait till natural disasters happen to showcase their patriotism. A photo op here and there, aged people coerced into paying debts. RSS has no cadre. They have aged infirm sympathisers who nurse a crush on it. But the real intentions of this crush are held back by them clumsily.

India is a civilisation. A civilisation is last stage of a culture- a composite culture. India is like Ganges at Sundarbans- sprawled and stamina less so much that the sea sends her surf to bring the river home. India can’t survive by pining for the past. That is deception-Maya. She has to learn and accommodate herself in a new and sensible mould.

Hindus have to first grasp what politics means. Economy is automobile. It doesn’t require a ruler’s foolishness or wisdom to make it flow.

A Ruler who tells you: I will fight poverty is tricked by Maya. Keep away from him! A Ruler’s only assignment is to provide protection to whatever people possess. His work and vocation and statesmanship draw inspiration from keeping local enemies of people in check; foreign enemies at bay!

National Crime Record Report 2018 says: A total of 50,74,634 cognizable crimes comprising 31,32,954 Indian Penal Code (IPC) crimes and 19,41,680 Special & Local Laws (SLL) crimes were registered in 2018. Though it shows an increase of 1.3% in registration of cases over 2017 (50,07,044 cases), however, crime rate per lakh population has come down from 388.6 in 2017 to 383.5 in 2018.

Where are institutional structures to deliver justice to people? Indian Jurisprudence is yet to be Indianized.

We are Free! That is truism; Maya!