When I say Islam will prevail, I have two reasons which buttress my conviction. The first confirmation comes from an unexpected source. It is the sacred book which the Hindus revere but never study. It is the Gita. And a minority amongst them who study it do so in order to harvest tickets to heaven. A brilliantly recorded conversion between a disciple and the teacher can still become a persons’ guide while multi-tasking in present breathless race to becoming rich. The poor are not supposed to lead, teach or make contribution to creating high culture. They have to keep the wheels of economy well-oiled and running. The upwardly mobile Hindus, thanks to the modern education which insulated them from penury, courtesy the British Imperialism, debunk their past because it is not a rosy one. They run away from the local problems and settle in localities to milk money out of the problems of the new places. So educated desert their villages and towns for rich urban centres. Labour force follows suit. They also go to these rich areas simultaneously creating new and distinct culture. The culture of slums! Dharavi slum in Mumbai houses about 1 million people-third largest slum in the world.

There is one outstanding shaloka (chapter 2, 47) in which Sri Krishna sets the rule of engagement. “Forget about what is good or bad. Do your duty. You are only entitled to do your duty. I am empowered to bestow or deny fruits of your labours.”

“Patience, persistence and perspiration make an unbeatable combination for success” says Napoleon Hill. All these qualities forge the character of the Muslim Ulema. Knowledge of the Muslim jurisprudence coupled with the gift of the gab make them a formidable power house. They survive wars, famines and plagues. They constitute power centres not only in the Islamic world, but command lethal authority in democratic and not so democratic countries. They have no parallel amongst the home taught Hindu/Christian religious scholarship. The Muslim Ulema can, like an army of locust destroy every argument of the opponents with great ease.

Islam is full of energy even after 1400 years of wars punctuated by intervals of peace. They created spectacular mosques and tombs beautified by colour and calligraphy which is breath taking. Such is the entrenched energy that when Mongols destroyed the prosperity of the Islamic world from Afghanistan, steppes of Central Asia, Levant to Gaza- that was 1299 battle of Wadi al-Khanzar, that it bounced back and created the Mughal empire. Such is the abject state of the Hindu Statesmanship, generalship and impoverishment of the tactical common sense that Ghaznvi launched one raid and breached the Khyber. Once breached, Khyber became a thoroughfare. He came and went as and when he desired. He was followed by many tyrants who looted North India but were so generous that they left reservoirs of compassion behind, which supply wine and venison to social scientists and history scholars, teaching in Indian universities at present.

It is no wonder that liberal intellectuals treasure their memories and repay debts by joining the Islamic forces who have married technologies with their brutal ideology. When the newly elected American President repeats what he has been saying all through, they get energised. Rollback of freedom of movement as is being echoed by Marie Le Pen in France or Viktor Orbass in Hungry gives them their little wars which they fight with pens but often through their oral artillery guns. The theme has not changed since America went to war against Russians through their proxy- Pakistan. As Afghans killed each other with gay abundance, their brutality being bolstered by the generous supply of arms and ammunition through the Afghan Pipe Line, created by the CIA, no Left/liberal asked the simple question: Why did Noor Mohd Taraki flirt with communism in 1979 in a primitive society trapped in a time warp? Afghanistan had rejected a progressive Amanullah in 1926 AD. He was replaced by Bacha-i- Saqao – a water carrier. And that was/is recent history.

Liberals are not interested in the pathologies of the Muslim communities or the Islamic civilisation, which produces so much carnage. They have created a hydra- headed monster, a conglomerate, with the organisation like, NGO’s, Amnesty International, Asia watch and others to complement each other and make weak cases strong. They are everywhere- in universities, colleges, in print and electronic media, in offices- ever active conducting seminars and lit festivals running an unmatched propaganda machine. Jonathan A C Brown scholar of Islamic studies, Georgetown University is a great advocate of rape and defends slavery as nothing abnormal. In his recent Virginia lecture he defends the indefensible. Being darlings of the terrorists, the acolytes need not wear bullet proof jackets when displaying their intellectual swagger. When Amnesty International flirted with the British-Pakistani radical Islamist Moazzam Beg despite his fawning interview with Al- Qaeda ideologue Anwar-al-Awalaki none other than Gita Sahgal, a staffer mustered courage to place her objection in public domain in 2010.  On the other hand those drunk on authority came out with a new theses; Jihad in self- defence is not antithetical to human rights! Heads I win, tails you lose! That is why Tariq Ramadan became the toast of New York intellectuals when he defended stoning of hapless persons who rightly or wrongly are found guilty in the eyes of the Ulemas.

On the other hand they sneer at those who take on the brutal side of Islam. An enlightened fundamentalist! That is how they demoted the resolve of the Somali born human right activist Hirsi Ali. Southern Poverty law centre branded her as an extremist like Majid Nawaz.

The examples I have quoted above are not the reason why Islam will prevail. The unsolicited support to the Muslim cow boys, who fire from the hips, comes for purely commercial needs. The people who trade in words, whose only stock in trade is their kitty of phrases and idioms, provide much needed aesthetical beauty to an otherwise ugly structure. Money!

Women are the most ill-treated specie in the Muslim world. And it is here that the seeds of invincibility were sown in the fertile land of men’s libido by the Muslim Ulema! The clergy have overturned a very elevated and empathic place which the Quran offers to women. They have reduced the entire social dialogue to one slogan:

Surrender the right to dissent and enjoy the right to polygamy! The recipe of ultimate dictatorship!

About 15 years ago per chance an Ayat of Quran flashed on the screen of my TV. When the narrator translated it, he said, “When I (Allah) reward you with a son I oblige you. And when a girl is born to you, I am obliged!”

Darkness had descended on the horizon. I was mercifully alone in my rented residence in Noida. It was a very hot June day but this ayat shook my entire being and I felt as if I was buried under a load of tons of snow. I had not heard anything like this before. Can there be a humbler appeal than the one in which God pleads for the security of the girl child? Can there be a heavier load which God places on the tender shoulders of the menfolk than the one just described? I cannot show the scars of my happiness nor the tears which drenched my soul. A word is more than a word-Karl Marx. When the hysteria of my happiness ran its course, my muse woke up and I paid my humble tribute to Prophet Mohammad in my native Kashmiri language. This tribute will definitely find a place in the video I intend to shoot to establish the standards of non-romantic poetry writing in Kashmiri language.


The law of entropy or the second law of thermodynamics is a very simple statement retailed in very confusing language. It says that the entropy of a closed system can’t decrease of its own. Conversely speaking every closed system will gain entropy unaided. Increase in entropy means that the system will get disorganised with the passage of time. Now the gaining of entropy which is also called the law of chaos has different names for different situations. Decline, degeneration, decay, rotting, decomposition, necrotizing, putrefaction etc are some of the phrases we use.

The law of entropy has a very instructive message to offer. Put simply it says that if the difference of temperature between the source and the sink vanishes no heat engine can function. It means that the system loses sense of direction- means the dynamism stops. Imagine a mountain brook moving down to empty into a lake. While the motion is on, it can generate electricity, run a water mill. But once the water reaches the lake the motion stops. I call it a situation when water loses its sense of direction! This is the condition of chaos because motion is order. But when the sun supplies it with energy water flies away randomly till the precipitation happens and the system rejuvenates itself.

So every system if it has to survive has constantly to supply inputs to keep the system going. The armies have to continuously work harder and harder to remain in shape. Hence they start their day with a PT. It is one chore the soldiers can’t miss in the morning.

                     In Islam this practice is carried out five times a day.

The mosque is central to the functioning Islam. It is here that the engines of imagination are fired, goals set, societies weaved, history revisited and real or imaginary grievances brought into focus. The clarity with which oral education is delivered gains entry into the fallow and fertile mind of the faithfuls with great ease. Since every new born has to be introduced to Islamic world which includes how Namaz is offered, the clergy has a direct access to ensuring obedience. The first corpuscle of authority is vested in the cleric of your neighbourhood mosque.

Power is not same as authority. Power is the attribute of a machine. Horse Power! Authority is the attribute of a man. The authority can flow to a person through a constitutional arrangement. But the real authority is independent of any such convenience. It is earned by a person when he gains unfettered acceptability from people. Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Mao-t-se Tung! But the cleric has both power and authority because he not only oversees compliance but also dabbles in Islamic Jurisprudence.

Entropy! On 19th Jan. 2016 newspapers all over the world reported an incident which happened somewhere in Pakistan. A 15 year old boy had mistakenly raised his hand to a quarry from a cleric and the cleric delivered the judgment. “You have committed blasphemy.” The boy was so ashamed that he cut off his hand. “Why should I feel pain or trouble in cutting off the hand that was raised against the holy Prophet” he said to Iram Abbasi of BBC Urdu.

But less reported is another incident which happened in Baluchistan-Pakistan. A boy, while receiving instructions from the Moulvi raised his finger to clear a doubt. The Moulvi followed the shortest route. He cut off the finger of the kid. The beauty is that when he returned home, the incident was celebrated in the entire village. The strength of Islam is not subservient to an Osama or Baghdadi. It is in the system which is crawling to swallow other cultural groups as and when the opportunity appears before it.

In his path breaking essay ‘Origin of family, Private Property and State’ Fredrick Engels lays bare the evolution of the three social institutions. I will take up the case of the state here. A prudent modern state, for the sake of even distribution of division of labour establishes the Parliament, Executive and Judiciary to haul the burden of the state. In Islam, the Quran and Hadith serve as the books of the religion as well as the constitution to be respected and followed. No change is permitted. So the institution of the Parliament and the lesser institution, that of the Election Commission, is dispensed with. We are now left with the binary matrix. The Ulema hold the rudder of the state. They occupy the same important position as a boatman’s spouse holds, who guides the boat to its destination. She holds ground while the boatman moves to and fro to supply energy for motion. It is quite clear that the executive, whether seated on a horse back or in a palace runs the engines of power to defend, collect taxes and spend in an ordered manner in such a way that cash trickles in villages but gushes through the urban centres. This keeps the entropy of the system low. In this way the authority and obedience shuttle across peacefully without any chance of collision.

 Given the simplicity of the Islamic society, the state enjoys greater authority, more economically than a normal non-Islamic state. The family is the basic building block of all societies. In Muslim society the authority of a man is absolute. We can say the state delegates some authority to men to control the female/kid population. The female population living on sufferance extend total obedience to men folk. When young are bound to old, strong to imbecile, there is unspoken disgust. Deep deadly domestic vice breeds! The fear of losing the shelter any time on the flimsiest ground, make them careless about children. The children grow unloving. They mature early. They marry early, procreate and add to the poverty of the family-society. It is in this way that the Islamic system keeps the social entropy low or in other words the gap between haves and have not’s widens exponentially.

Under the leadership of Charles Martel Saracens (the men from the desert) were defeated in the battle of Tour. In the eyes of the Christians this victory saved Europe from falling in the lap of the Caliphate. Europe is now less religious. Coupled with it is the reduced fertility rate, the demand for human resource is ever growing. The two wars in quick succession killed the flower of the European youth. From the days of the Roman Empire slave trade was a normal business practice. The slave trade laid the foundations of America. By manufacturing wars, settled societies of the West Asia and Africa are displaced. They seek refuge in Europe and America. In this way a voluntary movement of human resource to production centres is ensured. But what both these continents fail to understand is that the refugees carry their culture along with them. Europe is now a feast for the Salafis. Europeans will embrace Islam before America realises what was happening.

May be Donald Trump makes a point when he tries to close the doors on immigrants!

End of Chapter 8