WW2 annihilated the flower of the European youth. It sealed the fate of British Imperialism. It had designed New Delhi for a one-thousand-year rule, when it shifted the capital from Calcutta. But that was not to be. They got rid of India by handing over power to drum beaters of the freedom struggle. The real freedom fighters were isolated- unorganised because the intellectual/political progress was low.  Chinese learned it the hard way. The Hindus got freedom and country on a platter.

If Europe was on a suicidal path at home, the Brits competently completed the task history had tailored for them here in India. The Hindus have yet to show gratitude to them. But unwanted favours earn no gratitude, as the British say it. After independence the Hindus made no course correction to their political thought. All thinking was done by Gandhi. They needn’t to think. Even now when logic fails them, they quote Gandhi. Now they use Gandhi as a credit card which they never reimburse. The tragedy is that they corrupted the political narrative to such an extent that the future generation may never be able to make amends. The narrative has become too sacred to be challenged. So the decay of Indian State is faster than her recovery. Kashmir problem is enough to undo what the British achieved here!

Gandhi was right when he repeatedly said: I have no enmity with the British people! I have touched on that subject in chapter 12: Gandhi- Hero of all Festivities.

The rise of the Congress deflated the spirits of the Communists and they were in a quandary. Their small brains could not fathom the geographic hugeness and cultural variety of India. They were of the opinion that poverty was a common denominator which could unite a poor population. They dismissed other factors which divided the poor people like religion and local faiths, language and dialects, political understanding and local loyalties and more the continuity of the choreography of daily wage-earning need of the poor.

In 1951, four leading communist leaders clad like doc-workers boarded a ship at Calcutta harbour. The ship was going to the USSR. So, they were travelling illegally without passports. Existential problem had gripped the party. The split was looming large on the party. Telangana movement was leading to nowhere. They had a meeting with Stalin. Stalin surveyed the map of Telangana and advised them to stop the unwinnable war. A less polite version of the meeting was made public when Nikolai Adykhayev the interpreter of Stalin released his memoirs. Somewhere written is the phrase, Scolded the JCP. They have ruined the party in India! He saw defeat where CIA saw victory but that is a different story!

M/S Ajoy Gosh, Basava Punnaih, Dange and Rajeshwara Rao dressed as dock workers had boarded the ship in 1951, to meet with Stalin who had no record of having done any good to Russians.

When Stalin died, this killer was their hero, they mourned his death. As someone put it succinctly “Everything seems funny as long as it happens to others.” CPI condoled the death of Stalin, as follows:

With sorrow too deep for tears, we pay our homage to the memory of comrade Stalin. Mankind has lost its noblest representative, the movement of human liberation its great leader, the cause of peace its undefeatable champion.

Stricken with grief of the passing away of this Titan of human thought and action, we communists of the present generation shall ever recollect with pride that we have lived in the same epoch as comrade Stalin, have been guided and led by him, have been taught by him how to serve the mankind and people to the last drop of blood(italics mine)

Understanding is better than knowledge. In fact, understanding is everything. It manifests itself sometimes as common sense, sometimes as humour.


Nikita Khrushchev and Nicholai Bulganin paid an official visit to India in 1955. Among other places, they visited Srinagar as well. I, an eight-year-old kid, vividly recollects the scene when the caravan of huge boats travelled down the river carrying the guests accompanied by J L Nehru. I was seated on the right bank of Jhelum at Alikadal or ZainaKadal, I can’t recollect. It was all fun as I was witness to a huge river procession for the first time.

In one to one talk, Nehru made no bones about the background of the communist party of India which exited from freedom struggle ab initio. Communists had declared that India was not a free country. They also opposed the celebrations of the Independence Day. He also complained that the party was as per their statement taking advice from Soviet Union.

[The communists always mock RSS about the anti-freedom struggle role played by them. RSS is so uneducated that they never confront them with facts]

Jean Paul Sartre was 48 years old when Stalin died. He was witness to an unending choreography of war in Europe. He sums up what the human arrogance, ignorance and cavalier attitudes fail to notice in a language which is simple. ‘Once you hear the details of a victory, it is hard to distinguish it from defeat!’

“I use emotion for the many and reason for the few!” I think Hitler had said it. If Hindus want to understand what East India Company achieved for them, they should study Raja Ram Mohan Roy. Tagore while evaluating him said, “God created 40 million Bengalis and one human being!” Social decay and primitive economic working model maintained the level of poverty at its grinding best in Bengal in 18th-19th centuries. The partition of India undid much of what Bengal had achieved.

The young generation today think that it was all hunky dory in India, especially in the North India and don’t think twice before making statements which are self -defeating. The Naxalite movement was more a protest against political system than a revolution, which promised land reform before ’47 but went back on that promise. The retributions were swift and deadly. Operation steeplechase kept no records.


The thinking Hindu lives in the past. Post- independence political theology created a historical villain. This denies the role played by the East India Company/ British in retrieving decadent Hindu society from an ignoble well. So, the Congress re-instated the Mughal Empire albeit in a reformed mould. The behaviour of the present Indian State baffles Hindus. This forces them to go back into the shady history to see if anything honourable is hidden there.

This explains why are Hindus inattentive? They miss the drama. Every moment demands our attention. Inattentive people regret after the event. “We are made wise not by recollection of our past but by the responsibility of the future” G B Shah.

Indian communists rose to hold power in Bengal due to abject failure of the state to fulfil the promise of land reform. “Everything was such a damned nice idea when it was an idea.” Says Tim O’Brien. If the Congress failed to deliver, how could communists succeed?

The relations between CPSU and CCP soured after Khrushchev delivered his famous de-Stalinisation speech in ’56. This sowed a seed of doubt amongst the communists. The Sino-Indian war ’62 put a wedge amongst the rank and file of the party. The split came in 1964 and CPI-M was born.

Having given up on left adventurism the opportunists formed a government in ’67. When Naxalbari uprising started, CPI-M was in power. It violently repressed the uprising. The conviction of honesty took a back seat and abuse of position dictated the reaction.

The tug of war between the Congress and the Left took many a twist and turns. The situation stabilised when Jyoti Basu became the CM of Bengal.

The first nugget that he retailed was: education in mother tongue-Bengali!

Communists in India ruled Bengal for about 25 years and took it back to ‘60s.  When Bhuddhadeb Bhattacharjee the next CM discovered that teaching the English language in schools was essential, he found that there were no English teachers to teach in Government Schools!


Altruism is tempting. It grips humans like an infection does. After all we are human. The young, reasonably rich in the previous century made acquittance with the world of the poor through social studies. Readily available Marxist thought provided for them the warp and woof to weave solutions to fighting poverty.

Marx, Engels and Feuerbach were original thinkers. Those who tried to implement Marxism to real social conditions were conditioned by desperation. The institution of the State is a necessary evil. Every model from China-N Korea model to European firefighting model to American dandy model suffers from an inbuilt genetic defect. It can’t regulate or decelerate the growth of poverty! Grass is the natural offspring of the earth. Poverty is the indispensable shadow of human society. Pain is the common denominator. I repeat: Pain is the only surplus we humans create. The rest is all fake and transitory!

Communism is a defeated ideology. The communists have behaved so badly that the saintly ideas were profaned by them. Yesterday’s communists, in order to survive at least in literary circles have joined forces with violent Islamic forces all in the name of secularism, in India. They retail themselves as Left-Liberals. Revision is complete. Deception is in fashion now.

The human mind is innovative. If it fails, it shifts the blame. Once you make no progress you should down the shutters. But communists won’t go. They have discovered that they are employable. And big money is at stake.

In India they have a scarecrow. RSS! They have, ever since Gandhi was murdered found it convenient for target practice. After Nehru was received with open arms in Russia, they re-calibrated their tactics. Took part in democratic process while continuing with the armed struggle against the “class enemy.” They have failed on both fronts. But their nuisance value is intact.

Now they have become craftsmen of deception. I envy them! The deceit becomes all the more lasting when learned endorse false education. Calm boldness and confidence makes them cold blooded socialists. They can stage manage situations creating battlefields where they project themselves as warriors of morals. The ignorant RW also provides them with ammunition to fire on the scarecrows. It is a no-win situation for the wingless majority of India.

“Nothing is so boring as have to keep up with deception.” -E V Lucas.