“The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance; it is the illusion of knowledge.” -Daniel J Boorstin              

The following letter was posted by me in March but I didn’t receive an acknowledgement. Therefore, I place it in public domain to tell the gullible people that not only are generations entitled to receive Education, but right kind of education as well, so that politically correct education doesn’t lead them in a man-made swamp. There is untruth in mathematics; much more in physics; two subjects I command a bit of control.

Shri Amit Khare

Secretary, MHRD


Sub: A set of questions for Historians- Interpreting Freedom Struggle.


It is my conviction that a Nation which can’t recall correctly her gestation period and labour pain she suffered during birth, has every chance of following wrong tracks with consequences disastrous.

Our nation is facing many troubles on account of false interpretation of her recent history. No wonder we oscillate between destinations of advance and retreat.

Sir! I request you to fax the enclosed question paper to select universities dealing with History as also research Institutions of GoI so that fresh group of researchers can look into those fields which remained fallow for 72 years.

We cannot change history but if we change the angles of observation it is possible, we arrive at new, important and accurate conclusions.

Truth benefits one and all, and that I have not to stress!

Yours Sincerely

S L Pandita


The unfortunate periodic relapse of India into paroxysm of communal violence defies explanations. Is modern India trapped by her past or does responsibility lie on mis-interpretation of our recent history by experts. Does silence of the well- wishers contributes to supplying fodder to the canker that lies buried in our memory?

There is a clamour for rewriting Indian history to filter it of Marxist bias which is not a wise demand. The present democratic landscape, fault lines of political interface, geographic vastness, International Interference in our domestic affairs by London via CW pathway, international banking network and Pakistani intransigence eclipse our political narrative, are points of discouragements. But we can correctly interpret our recent history that overlooked birth of two nations from early 20th century.

It is my conviction in case history of India is revisited from 1919 to 1949 a new understanding may emerge and we may improve upon our knowledge. We can’t change history but can conquer it!

Here I place some important question before the historians, scholars and budding history researchers. I hope my sincerity will be reciprocated by the respondents!

1.  A soldier of a disciplined British Army Gen Dyer ordered shooting civilians on 19th April 1919. Did he order shooting them suo motto or was he conveying a warning from Versailles to INC: Surrender and Cooperate?

2. Did Gandhi Non – violence originate from this warning and did it create a short cut by which he converted freedom struggle into a Trade union Struggle?

3. Did this approach spawn the idea of reforming the British Indian State to accommodate local talent to occupy political offices?

4. Did Annie Besant Home Rule lay the foundation of father-son duo, Nehru Report of 1928?

5. The Parliament Building was inaugurated in 1928 but handed over to INC in 1947. If Brits were living on borrowed time here why did they invest in this building?

6. How are Round Table Conferences commensurate with the narrative of popular freedom story or Nehru taking oath of office in the name of King in 1937?

7. Given the geographic dimensions of India, a sea of satellite cultures, a symphony of dialects and languages, religion, sub-religion, caste antipathies and on top of that restricted movement of villagers did people really participate in the so-called freedom struggle?

8. Did the Trade union style struggle culminate in local self -government? Did ‘who gets what’ land North India into a civil war and Partition?

9.  Why did Brits who had recast world map after two big wars ask, of all people Krishna Menon to draft London Declaration?

10. Did Indian continuation with CW create an ambience which tricked decolonised poor countries to fall in the lap of Britain willingly? Did India help Britain to recolonise 20% of globe through CW?

11. Why are all instant dictators, high value thieves and burglars of CW countries given shelter by London?

12. What pathway was used by Brits to launder money? How did Indian exports make Britain rich and India poor?

I hope my quarries carry merit in the halls of Scholars!