I can’t recall the name of the veteran traveller who gave us a clue about the perpetuity of peace in India. He said, “I have studied poor people throughout the world. I have observed hopelessness in the eyes of the poor outside India. Here I see a glimmer of hope in their eyes. Even traces of happiness!”

So the farmers, farm hands, artisans, rickshaw pullers go about their chores without complaining. There is dignity in what they do and achieve. They occupy the real space, work with real material objects and create real inputs to hold the societies within the domain of order. There is no alternative to food/farm products. Industry has yet to make farming irrelevant.

This class of people have no time to think of war and going after some other persons’ property. When monsoon fails farmers sit back bid for time and prepare for the next season. The virtue of patience is ingrained in the genealogy of the Indian working class. Better wait than wage a war to survive! After all wars claim the very people who want to survive through waging wars.

This class of people, which is actually a huge majority comprising about 90% of population, and that is my guess, are not aware that something like freedom of expression has to flow from the State to them. When a child is born he announces his arrival by a shrill throated weep sound. Nad! And so children are born and they grow up and apart from doing manual jobs, also create what we call folk poetry and dance, a collage of rhythm and colour. The expressionist poetry and light music, Lavni and Dhandiya. The endless varieties of folk styles- Bhajans, Thumri and Bhangra-the poetry of happiness! These may lack sophistication but they are assimilative. They never complain about paucity of freedom of expression. When a rickshaw puller waits for a fare he in his reveries visits the treasures of folk songs and in low voice repeats and rehearses them. The Freedom of expression need not be classified as a right in the Statute Book. In fact Punishment for Abuse of expression should be promptly displayed in schools/colleges/streets and highways.

The farmers, the primary creators of wealth and the skilled and unskilled population, the secondary creators of wealth are by and large content with what they have. The advancement of culture is a slow, time consuming process. They by their grit and determination not only contribute towards betterment of their own lot but in the process better the lot of that minority who work in the virtual space of Power and the Institutions associated with the State.

I consider politicians, educators, journalists, writers and lawyers, a very small minority of India who create wealth through their vocal resources. And of course the preachers! Their stock in trade is words. Their success depends upon the skill with which they frame the repertoire from words, phrases and idioms. This virtual space of the society, which is more productive than a big factory or a farm, has more or less been appropriated by this skilful portion of the population.

Politicians are as much necessary for a society as, say farmers are! One works in the world of cacophony of the verbal contests while the other works in the peace of silence. Both are required. One creates while the other organises protection. The politicians use the freedom of expression with such an appetite that even the texture starts fraying. Like England will fight to the last American- a slogan in WW1. Or when Indira Gandhi advised: Less chatter; more work! The politicians never complain about the paucity of freedom of expression.

Likewise the lawyers also use their knowledge of law and the gift of the gab to work and help individuals to overcome or fulfil the demands of the law. They also never complain about the absence of freedom of expression. In fact they are the true harvesters of the farmland of words. As they put it: A good lawyer makes you to believe in the truth but a great lawyer makes you to believe in a lie! And that means if you argue right you are never wrong. That freedom of expression can be utilised for purposes of stamping a lie with a legal certificate of being a gospel truth is the dark side of the gift of the legal systems which the modern state has yielded to the humans!

The religious preachers likewise depend upon the availability of freedom of expression to educate, irritate or even provocate a simple population. The present day global environment of violence and jihad is the creation of as much of the preachers as it is of greed, of powerful West to rob poor nations. The propaganda about weapons of mass destruction allegedly manufactured by Sadam Hussein, ably buttressed by the western media houses, is now being matched word for word by the shrill bites of jihad against the infidels. A lie gliding on the wings of freedom of expression became a nightmare. The dangerous journalism, like the unfettered freedom to multiply- a cell in a termination mode-cancer, will eat the host – democracy if not controlled.

Next in the list are the educators who also like lawyers, mix up knowledge and free speech to retail education in schools and colleges. Their mouths can never be gaged. They are even prepared to surrender the freedom of expression if that can enable them to squeeze through tight spots. Silence is silver. Over a period of time it becomes golden.


 “You Have the Right to Remain Silent”

American legal caution

When my courage woke up from a very long slumber, say after 45 years, at age 65; I framed a question paper for the mathematicians because I am convinced that mathematics taught in its present form is counterproductive. It has become a stumbling block in the path of almost all students at the middle and secondary levels.  I wrote to the authorities as also to university of Jammu. But after acquiring the tool- Lap Top, I sent my request, among others to J Patadia President Indian Mathematical Society in 7/2016. He was initially cooperative but soon lost interest because what I had drafted was beyond his comprehension. Next I wrote to some Universities with zero results. I shall reproduce the letter I wrote to Mr A K Rathie, the visiting Professor to Kerala University.


Today is Vijyadashmi. Happy returns of the day!

Post retirement, a near divine intervention pushed me into the rough and tumble of mathematics by one innocuous remark of my granddaughter “I hate mathematics.” She was then in class 3. So I tried to understand the reasons which make this subject beyond the reach of students. My efforts led me to draft a paper: Mathematics-the Critique.

While drafting this paper I stumbled upon an easier way to roll the entire arithmetic into one “field of mathematical deception” which if introduced can make a difference. In fact arithmetic will demote to a mental activity level.

Since March ’16 I have been moving from pillar to post to convince Universities as also the HRD Ministry to look into the malaise but to no avail. I therefore invested in the web site surprisemajor.com to get into touch with the world at large. My testing the mathematical waters is simple. I have put together a set of questions and am seeking answers. Amazing that Mr J R Patadia has raised his hands. There is particularly one wrong derivation which puts the entire Calculus under shade.

Today I started my day by going through the life story of Bhaskaracharya and came to know about the mathematician Pell. There I saw the following equation:

                          61x2 +1 = y2

I could not follow the arguments but a look at the equation told me not only how to do it but also solved it. Trust me, sir! I did it in two minutes. The answer is: x = 1/30 & y = 31/30

It was through the Twitter that I came to know about the mathematician Dr C K Raju (ckraju.net). I have found that he has a wonderful knowledge of mathematics. Curse I don’t have the e mail address of Dr Raju. He simply distrusts the European Math and argues that when Europeans began to get mathematically trained and thought of contributing to the coffers of mathematics, they had to do so in such a way as not t come in conflict with the Christian theology. Hence argumentative math instead of empirical math! I think our ideas converge.

Sir, I invite you to go through my web site with an open mind and alert other scholars as well in case you find merit in what I am trying to say. You can skip my tale of woes Chapter 1 Part 1 and go straight to Parts 2 & 3.

I am a Kashmiri migrant, and now like a refugee in my own country. Dr Homi Baba is said to have spoken: The truth belongs to the migrants’ double vision.

With Regards!

So the visiting professor didn’t even have the courtesy to acknowledge or tell me: Mathematics is not your cup of tea! He chose to remain silent. But by ignoring the truth you can’t escape the punishment of the consequences. But the tragedy is that those who should repair, runaway with service charges and the consumers suffer. And who are the consumers in the instant case; students and their parents who pay to mathematicians for making life difficult for their own children.

While evaluating the writing skills of the Hindu elite, which I repeated in Ch 11, I reproduced as PS in the essay- 5th column, the pinned tweet of my T Page. I tweet as @lal shiban. I placed two equations for verification which carry a prize amount of five thousand rupees. About eight thousand people have seen it since March ’17. Only one lady tried to save the respect of the mathematicians. She wrote, “I do not know anything about the 1st one (C/O Ramanujan) but tried to prove through a very tedious process the 2nd one. I re-tweeted: look at the equation d/dx cox = – sinx. What do you observe? The two graphs are in two quadrants. That there is a dis-connect of 900 in evident. So it is a wrong derivation. She readily understood the fault and re-tweeted my observation but to no avail.

Poverty is like ball in a hole. One has to invest energy to pull it out of the hole. It is this fact that affirmative action is needed to pull poor people of India out of the hole. But those who have conquered the blight of poverty try to maintain the status quo. It means if 40% of the Indian population have conquered poverty, they won’t invest in further change. It is this compulsion which makes the people in power to maintain silence and defeat the ways meant for initiating changes to accelerate the uplift of the poor.

So maintaining silence when one should shout makes sense for educators. J S Rajput in I E dated 4th June ‘17 writes: Education has one unique universal characteristic- the more you solve the problems the more they emerge. Any form of stagnation is not permissible and maintaining dynamism, initiative, innovation and implementation of ideas… Pious words! But addressed to whom? I requested the eminent educationist to visit my web site and try to involve educators so that a better solution for overcoming the math infirmity of the students could be addressed. But he thought it, perhaps below his dignity to reply to a person who represents farmers, labourers and rickshaw pullers of this country. The Hindus when they learn to qualify to become clerks, as Macaulay had envisioned, but through a twist of fate become something better become conscious of their past. Then they distance themselves from the lay persons and create a club to bolster their power and authority. It is mostly seen in universities and to a lesser degree in colleges.

So silence is golden! It becomes eerie when budgetary allotments are made by the HRD ministry for research work. Now money is something like the mysterious lamp which can do any magic. One who has it has power. So layers of shrouds are weaved to keep even the large university population away from its utilitarian journey. The things are done on the sly. Freedom of expression becomes a bane. Groups of faculty talk in hushed voices. Why create controversy?

The research in the field of life sciences is a very lucrative enterprise. I have religiously followed the medical research which is published in the press for 30 years. What is published at one time as a great break through falls flat usually in two year time. What happens to the guinea pigs, one can only make an inaccurate guess?

Prof C K Raju says that it took Europe 500 years to grasp the utilitarian advantage of the place value of the number system. But Europeans it seems could hardly break through the mathematical fire wall. So they came up with something weird. X2 + 1 =0. It means (±1)2 +1 = 0. Or in other words 2 = 0! In other words they declared: Addition is a zero sum game. And the conning began!

“This is the ultimate con game. I am having fun and people pay me to do it” says Adam Osborne.  And once the game becomes a part of school syllabus you simply can’t protest. The cons get away because the people are too ashamed of their own blindness and gullibility that they maintain a silence.

The theme in public life it seems is who outsmarts whom?

You trust people who may not be honest. Good cons design their program on the victim’s needs. A successful con artist is one who can exploit the needs of the gullible. Earlier a con, well dressed would collect an audience and perform. Now you can sit thousands of miles away, say in America and deceive the public to sell your products.

And this happened on 8th July 2017. A person located in America runs a Twitter Account by the nomenclature IndiaEplained@IndiaExplained! Now the advertisement slogan is impressive. It tells the world that I am an authority on explaining India in its entirety. Once the psychological part has been taken care of and the targeted audience made receptive he is in a position to sell even a fridge to an Eskimo! Since beef controversy has been made a burning problem in India because the habitual burglars of the National Treasury have lost power, he tweeted about it. He used the phrase ‘Hindu Goons’ in his tweet. This hurt me somewhere very deep because I have found Hindus genial, gregarious, hardworking and happy go lucky variety. The word goon is self- explanatory. It need not be qualified further. But he demotes the word Hindu to an adjective to expand the ferocity of the goon. It means as ruthless as a Hindu. So he paints a picture. Instead of explaining India he defames India. The people on the social media being already receptive trust his word. They need not to verify. He outsmarts an entire people but for doing so he must be receiving an honorarium if not a salary.

To give vent to my anger I sent him a TM: The journalists have coined a new word- Thugocracy. What does it mean? He blocked me immediately. He is a great advocate of Freedom of Expression. The hinged slogan of Salman Rushdie on the header of his page reads: Free speech is the whole thing, the whole ball game. Free speech is life itself.

And then the madness began. “The Theatre of the Absurd” was born at this moment! The drama was already enacted. I had only to write the script as the next essay opens with the first act.