“In old days men had racks. Now they have press.” –  Oscar Wilde

Journalism! The fourth pillar of Democracy! Journalism is the natural offspring of Democracy. Grass is the natural offspring of the earth. Democracy is a means to acquiring control of levers of political power without using lethal means as was done when feudalism would rule over the farm hands-the primary creators of wealth. The means of acquiring democratic power utilises among other resources, the resource of lung power. It also utilises the power of the words to create opinions or plant them in the fertile brains. The creation of public support and publicity in favour of the one and not the other offers opportunities for men and women to earn a livelihood.

Journalism, from its humble beginnings when it became a useful tool for overthrowing feudalism to ushering in the era of democracy has come a long way. And once the objective was achieved, a means to an end, this noble profession slowly decayed into a vast green belt of a profession.

In Hindu scriptures, I am told that the Goddess of Knowledge-Saraswati and Goddess of riches-Laxmi can’t occupy the same space. When journalists were poor, knowledge prevailed. When nickel started tinkling, Saraswati yielded space to Laxmi. That is why journalism is now enjoying the delusion of grandeur. It has already abandoned the neutral ground and is serving those forces which prefer status-quo. Now status quo is a pathological situation. Someone put it brilliantly: He who rejects change is the architect of decay. The only human institution which rejects progress is the cemetery.

It is not the only disease of wasteful dissipation which can be observed even from distances across the globe. It is the conscious energies invested in weakening of its moral and spiritual defences.

The journalists have played an active role in such devious ways that” every political question is now becoming a social question and every social question a religious question.” They often sulk and sermonise. As the societies progress, more and more efforts are invested to make the institution of journalism a cartel of corruption and profit. One national daily weighs not less than 500 gms. And when the opportunity presented before me, I tweeted: It is no longer a newspaper. It doesn’t enjoy even the sanctity of Yellow Pages.

When I took to tweeting to canvass support for my web site, which is dedicated to the cause of education to making the life of kids easier at the primary levels, I tweeted on the quote tweet of a very famous journalist: stay focussed on the TV shows! He didn’t show any curiosity. He writes for the national newspapers. One day he tweeted: My piece such and such title…. I read it and tweeted – Zero Marks! He blocked me. And so the one way dialogue ended. It was not my intention to slight him. Had he the resources of catholicity, he would have demanded the reason for such a harsh remark. Then I would have told him that acquiring a chair of a Journo judge will not solve the problem. If you attack you should tell us, and that is true of all journalists, what you are defending! It is foolish to attack Modi without telling us that you support Man Mohan Singh or Sonia Gandhi! No one can say that I am the lotus and below my stem is the swamp called India! If armies don’t know what they are defending they will cross fire with their own comrades.

The standards of Journalistic morality have become so pedestrian that  no one till date has come out with one quarry: why did a person who was not sworn to secrecy to hold an office, worked on and disposed of files of the Government of India?

Have the Journalists given up their primary job of reporting to the public who purchase the newspapers? Have they abandoned to serve as watch dogs and sniff from distances what was/is cooking in the catacombs of power centres, unpalatable for the people?

KK writes about Subramanyam Swamy, “He certainly is not an anti- corruption crusader. He is a megalomaniac rebel. Calling him a maverick is not right as mavericks have positive qualities.” What is a positive quality? When Bihar was reeling in latest flood in 2016 and 4 million people were trying to get some safe space to dry themselves up, one bearded professor, who entertains us with his nuggets in TV trivia, was caught in a traffic jam in Gurugram. He gave went to his frustration thanks to his smart phone. “Which country are we living in? Water logged roads have caused a pile up. It is disgusting!” he tweeted. I re-tweeted “Have patience! 4 million people are stranded in Bihar for many days.” You can see the difference. The delivery systems of their wisdoms desert them when negativity depresses them.

If SS possesses negative qualities but exposes the 2-G scam, and ensures that 122 telecom licences acquired through devious means are cancelled, I think possessing such qualities are better than positive qualities of journos whose olfactory glands have been desensitised in the Institutions of Mass Communications. “I have been a journalist for 25 years. I was educated to lie, to betray and not to tell the truth to the public” Udo Ulfkotte. The intellectual integrity of journalists working for or against power centres or brokers is suspect. Was it the job of a man in the street to expose that funds to the tune of 5,27,723.72 crores which were diverted from  the Dalit funds from 7th to 12th five year plans to other heads? What was the press doing when CWG carnival shamiana was being erected in the Lootyen Delhi?

Udo Ulfkotte, a German journalist suffered a heart attack and died on 13th Jan 2017. He was 56 years old. The reason I am writing this book (Bought Journalists) is that I am fearful of a new war in Europe and I don’t like the situation again because war is not ever coming itself. There are always people behind it to push for it to push for wars and this is not only politicians, this is journalists too.

I was bribed by the Americans not to report the exact truth. I was invited by the German Marshal Fund of the US to travel to US. They paid all my expenses and put me in contact with Americans they would like me to meet. I became honorary member of Oklahoma in the US just because I wrote pro American. I was supported by the CIA. I have helped them in several situations and I feel ashamed for that.

But in the past this was not the case. The one lesson that was drilled unto the students was that “Not probably factual, not partially factual, not alternatively factual. I mean fundamentally, comprehensively and exclusively factual.” From being traders of genuine news retailers to originators of political programs editors have become quasi-political. Aman Ki Asha is one tamasha that has been going on for years now. Original thinking! Creativity at its best! It opens up vast opportunities for powerful people whose job is restricted either to their motor mouths or their jaws to move in jets to and fro accepting hospitality from enemy assets. While the Army is fighting with their backs to wall in Kashmir, sermonising the defenders of borders becomes their past time. They suffer from chronic remorse. Pallet guns should not be used against civilians. And civilians! They first throw stones and then play victims. “The boy was coming out of a mosque after saying namaz was he caught in the cross fire.” Kashmiris know what to say when. In front of foreign press “6 lac Indian occupation forces are trampling us under their feet.” In presence of Indian press they claim” On one side we face militants and on the other the army. We are caught in the cross fire.” But no local journo uses the resources of common sense and tells them “In 2016 alone, in Afghanistan 30,000 civilians and 6000 soldiers were killed. Thousands sustained various degrees of injuries.” A pellet gun victim is a tragedy. Thousands killed is a statistic. One man killed is a tragedy; a million killed is a statistic- Stalin.

The gravity of the news has lost its power. The recklessness with which news is being cooked in offices, what I call managerial journalism, is what desensitised people from taking notes. Now people fell elated on finding their names associated with one or the other scam/maleficence. People are not embarrassed now. Newspapers make shady characters household names while they need to be eclipsed from the domain of social dialogue.

On 30th Jan an appeal by prominent citizens of India was sling shot on the faces of the people of India. When I asked the lady on the desk of Centre for dialogue and Reconciliation to oblige me with a copy because the appeal was not available on their site, she took my e mail address with the promise that the necessary information will be forwarded. When I asked her in how many languages have you printed the appeal? She replied, of course in the English language. When I asked her how the Hindi heartland can know about your noble work she mumbled. I didn’t press more questions.

This latest appeal, people say has been perhaps drafted by a high school student. It is crass and insincere. It is casual, lacking the grossest degree of seriousness. The signatories are so dis-connected that they don’t bother to read the draft. If one signs all sign. Since they are, ab initio convinced that nobody is bothered to take a note of their appeal, their theatrics can be interpreted in more than one way. The appeal, it appears hasn’t been directed to people of India. It is like an arrow short in dark. “Don’t ignore us. We are still around. Where is our pound of flesh?” It is also a means to obliging the hosts. It is a message: we can create roadblocks!

The conjugal coitus of cupidity and ignorance fosters the love child- the Fifth Column!


On 2nd Feb, I posted a letter to Vikas Singh Editor Times of India New Delhi. The contents are as follows:

Sir! I am not sure whether I have reached the appropriate person who will become privy to what I have to convey and help me out of a bind. A few days back I mailed to M P Gohain I/C education news wherein I had sought his help in placing my web site surprisemajor.com in public domain as the site is dedicated to the cause of education. I need not elaborate because you can get hold of the contents any moment.

I have just now visited one equation of the great Indian Mathematician Ramanujan. I reproduce it as under………………..

Now the question is: if any mathematician in India can solve this equation then what I propose is also correct.

The math taught to kids has to be made student friendly. It has become a terribly teasing subject!

The beauty is that he didn’t write back even one word: “Negative!” The power of one word sentence is more powerful than the punch of a good tweet!

So I pinned the following tweet on my twitter page.

Prize money Rs 5K!

All including the School of Mathematics- the JNU can participate!

Pl verify the following equations:


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