Romila Thapar is a historian. She is a lucky lady. She was commissioned by the INC to create an intellectual cast to give shape to the frugal Hindu intellect. And she succeeded. She made monkeys out of thinking brains. She damaged the liberated Hindu body at its neural level.

I picked up the topic as the first rays of the sun reach my table. It is Tuesday 15th August. The death of children in Gorakhpur has provided the monkey journos their latest battle. When beef is missing beef can be created. The monkeys know how to forge tools for intrigue. Sadism is in the air!

But my mind wanders through the mist of time and I find myself in the presence of the towering personalities who guided the course of the Indian history during a brief twenty years before ’47. The audience comprising farmers, labourers, refugees from newly created Pakistan, and assorted residents of Delhi. It was a festival which everybody wanted to participate in and become part of the history.

And then it happened. At the stroke of the midnight the air currents in the Capital City  carried the message. Tryst with Destiny and moving finger of destiny wrote…

With earth’s first clay, They did the Last Man’s knead,

And then of the Last Harvest sow’d the seed

Yea, the first morning of Creation wrote                                                                                                                      

What the last dawn of reckoning shall read.

                                             Omar Khayyam by Fitz Gerald

Jawarhar Lal Nehru did a clumsy work on that fateful day. He started like a teacher. He didn’t start his day like a leader. A leader is one who has respect for the sentiments of his people.  He started his address in the most sterile fashion. No thanking God or people of India. Instead of comforting he pushed his atheism down the throats of the audience who had survived centuries of persecution at the hands of those whose language they never understood. And language!

“As the world sleeps India……”  At the stroke of midnight India was enveloped in darkness while the rest of the West was awake, alive in the sunshine of the day. So the first sentence was a lie. But the audience was aghast. They made no head and tale of what was being spoken through the loud speakers. Their ancestors had earlier never understood the meaning of what was said when Ghaznavi/Qutubudin/Khilj/Babar delivered their brutal dictation on the locals. And here was a local Satrap who followed in the footsteps of foreigners. He addressed his audience in a foreign language. Imagine Timur the lame having herded people of Delhi in the court yard of Red Fort and delivering them sermons to accept Islam Or face death. The locals couldn’t understand what was being spoken. So they couldn’t react. Enraged they lost their lives and Delhi was pillaged.

 So he followed in the footsteps of foreigners to rule India at the spiritual/ intellectual/political/cultural/economic levels. And what did he say?

“Long years ago we made a Tryst with Destiny and now time comes when we shall redeem our pledge not wholly or in full measure but substantially.” Either his speech writer didn’t know the meaning of the word Tryst or he himself inserted the words. You have to replace the word I for we and the meaning becomes crystal clear. Like in the biopic “Mask” the latent desires took the better of his civility and he said something like..I was in a romantic, private relationship with the dame politics, and now time comes when I shall realise the dream of becoming at age 58 what Akbar became at age 15! The desire to rise in rank and as a consequence power which he had no knowledge how to utilise escaped his mouth intentionally? He naturally delivered us an India which he refused to acknowledge! A presumptuous man created a myth. The decay caught up with the INC soon after. INC started begging for support after ’92. The party of the political porters is shrinking in size and is short of options now. The future of the party lies in the lumber room of history, as Karl Marx would have put it.


Karan Thapar is a journalist of some repute.  Whenever I watch his dialogue delivery skills on the TV screens he reminds me of a very famous character of Mahabharata. In fact this character is so important that the battle of Mahabharata was not possible. Yes, he resembles the most infamous Shakuni! You have only to mute the voice to register the theatrics he indulges in. He acts simultaneously as an arsonist as also a fireman. On the eve of demitting office of the Vice President of India, he interviewed Hamid Ansari to the delight of the habitual burglars of the National Treasury. He has learned that by provoking the right wing he can make them angry. And anger is the fire that eats up not only wisdom but even the common sense. The Left Wing has mastered the art of how to gain a walkover and mock the Right Wing.

But my mathematical brain immediately paraphrased the interview. The sum and substance of the interview is as follows.

I have been hunting with the hounds till now, I agree! That is the compulsion of the wise men. Harvesting happiness   whenever and wherever is possible is my real skill. It is not opportunism. I can’t demote myself to that level. Since our Constitution has converted Muslim Community of India into an accurate stethoscope which alone is capable of verifying the ethical and moral health of the Hindus so I shall now call wolf and claim leadership of the proverbial hares. The smoke of hatred hides the fire of fear. And fear is the staircase which allows us to spread our wings and own men’s souls. You have only to look around and see how the Muslim Clergy does it. You need not to go to Iran or Pakistan to learn the secret of holding sway over the masses.

The Constitution of India has graced the Muslim Community with extra defences against the impolitic Hindus. It is not without reason that great Turk and Persian warriors came here to take care of their indifference to political matters. But the Hindus refuse to learn lessons! They only repeat their mistakes. This is breeding instability. And instability breeds chaos that we see now.  Prosperity is the gift of statesmanship!

Smoke of hate is a better way to inform in advance that an experienced fireman is available. I can’t hide my latent desires from the likeminded persons like you. We all share an unsatisfying hunger for power. Our egos do not allow us to rest and compromise with unemployment even at an advanced age.

Kashmir is a political problem.  It is a Muslim majority State. If Hindus missed the point that it was sold by the British and purchased by the Dogras why should Kashmiris be faulted? If slaves became the Masters of the Master that is the history’s prank! Nehru gave Kashmiri Muslims a double promotion! Therein lies his greatness and respect for the human rights.   Kashmir enjoys special status for this very reason. Jawahar Lal Nehru was a far sighted person.  He took shortest cuts to reach destinations. And he was efficient! Not only Article 37o, but Art 35 A was surreptitiously advanced. And not to rest at that he allowed a separate Constitution for the J&K State. So he solved problems of Muslims like he did in case of Indian Muslims when they were graced with the Personal Law. So he created the Other man and carried us back to the days of pre-partitioned India. He did what was unimaginable. Nostalgia! He converted the holocaust of partition into a dream worth forgetting. Weakness of the Great men, you can say it! But demands of civilisation can sometimes override the demand of common sense!

But it is not with Kashmir alone but in other states where Muslim are feeling of rootlessness. The problem is that the Muslims get educated ab initio in the ways of the Islamic World. So they have the reference points erected much before they learn how to make a living. On the other hand the rest of the population don’t cultivate a world view even after they breed kids. In absence of anything substantial, they become angry when the Muslims go about their normal chores. It is this anger which gets reflected in beef battles and cow protection. One day it may lead to a faceoff between the two. And on that day the Indian security forces will face the ultimate test of doing their duty in accordance with their pledge.

So we have to be careful! In next 29 years every social problem will become a political problem while every religious problem will become a social one. The die is cast! The BJP is riding the same train which was flagged off by Nehru in ’47. If it is destined for hell how can Modi take it to heaven?


Sophomoric impulsiveness of the BJP has started much earlier than was expected.  Future of a river is a sea. You need not invest in carrying a river to the sea. Yes, the Ganges at sunder bans is so tired that the sea has to send its surf to carry the river home! But if the river has to survive the origin of Ganges has to be taken care of. That needs to be understood.

Beyond the all hulla bulla of new schemes and new monetary system the think tanks on the Right have to go back to ’47 and try to understand,

What is the Directive Principle on which the ideology of the INC is based? It has nothing to do with secularism/communalism. These attributes are no part of the principle. It is the conscious decision made by some in the old congress who decided to override the dictation of the history. When we make a river to empty in a dam we impose our will on the river. We interfere with its natural course. But the river fights back. It fills the dam slowly but surely undoing our efforts. The same has happened with the congress. The same will happen with the BJP. In next 27 years or so we shall be face to face before the History’s Arbiter. My first Judgment, Ch 1 will oversee the proceedings! Of course, I won’t be there to mourn the defeat!

Pakistan accepted the two nation theory. She simultaneously acknowledged the sacrifices made by ordinary Muslim civilians who were caught in the crossfire. The Congress rejected the Two Nation Theory and as a consequence refused to acknowledge the murder of millions of Hindus/Sikhs who were caught in the crossfire. This conscious political denial next abeted the genocide of Hindus in Pakistan! This attitude of the Congress crafted a criminal course for Pakistan. Her criminal negligence was not questioned. Today’s Pakistan is as much a creation of the Congress as it is the creation of Zia Ul Haq.


India and Pakistan have over the years cultivated two distinct personalities. Pakistan never suffered any qualms of consciousness to interfere with the flow of history. If she decided to synchronise her polity with the dictation of Islam, nobody in India should have any regrets. As a consequence it acquired a personality and next a character. If Hindus were persecuted in Pakistan it was not a crime but a conscious effort dictated by the State religion. Outright theft of land and properties of the Hindus/Sikhs became a game to advance the idea of Pakistan. Human rights weapon was not a fashionable occupation in those days. It had yet to graduate to become armour to save the Hindus and Sikhs. But India too was not interested in the safety of the minorities who got trapped on the wrong side of the border.

Good or bad, Pakistan is like a mirror which mocks us every day and reminds us that even a thousand year persecution has not taught us anything. Imagine Jack Nicholson coming up to the face of an old widow and laugh at her face. The situation is somewhat similar when India and Pakistan meet in International fora every other day.

 India too acquired a personality and as a consequence a character. Since India stumbled on the first moment she became too clumsy to stumble everywhere. Personality has power to uplift, to depress, power to curse and power to bless says Paul Haris. If you choose to have a neutral personality then you have to acquire courage to live up to that standard. India didn’t do anything to live up to her promise.

So the first day was a disaster. The sheer volume of refugee problem was enough to washout the veneer of wisdom Nehru and his cabinet were flaunting day in day out. But Nehru was too strong willed to bulldoze his way through to prove to the world that he was infallible.

Imagine two brothers having decided to go their separate ways having divided the immovable property. Now the Big Brother gets ideas to prove to the world that he is both civilised and magnanimous. So he addresses the kids of his estranged brother, ‘look your father might have taken his share from our ancestral property still you are as much a part of my family as my kids are. You shall claim property rights in my estate as well. I shall make a will to ensure that you get what may not legally belong to you.’

So the Big Brother enchains himself with laws and more laws to the chagrin of his own kids. Time passes and the Big Brother dies leaving the inheritors in utter confusion.

Something similar happened with generation of India. Take a look!

I want to see Quran in one hand and Laptop in the other hand of every Muslim boy/girl. Narendra Modi tried to unchain himself sometimes back while campaigning in Utter Pradesh.

The minorities have first right on the resources of India. Man Mohan Sing tried to give himself some relief when he started chocking on Nehruvian cocktail. He was actually saying something like it was sung before the people soon after,

Give me some sunshine

Give me some rain

Give me another chance

I wanna grow up again!

Kashmiryat, Jamhooriyat and Insaniyat should be the defining features of our dealing with the Kashmiris. Atal Bihari Vajpayee tried to wriggle out of a tight situation when he was the Prime Minister of India.

Sky is the limit, howled Narsimha Rao!  1995, Burkina Faso! The self-imposed chains make you to lie when you find space shrinking.

Fyodor Dostoyevsky had warned us but we forgot to pay attention. “Above all don’t lie to yourself. The man who lies to himself and listens to his own lie comes to a point that he cannot hear the truth within him or around him and so loses all respect for himself and for others.”

JLN lied on the first day! The polity lied next. Seventy years are a long time to breed a second nature. India has passed the stage where she could face the truth. Alternatively the cycle of untruth will complete its life span. Those who inherited political power inherited the kitty of lies as well, much inflated.

India exported Zero. But imported it as a number only to justify the math based on number line! Now Zero and other natural numbers share nothing in common. We can’t add zero, subtract, divide or multiply with it. Even as an exponent it reduces the value of a number to 1. Zero has only a helper status and helps us only in counting.  But the European mathematicians made a utilitarian knowledge so big that the students in 3rd world are mortally of it. It is better to be the apprentice of a magician or a student of a conman rather than study this subject in its present form. They have corrupted as simple concept as Ratio & proportion. Kindly check with ch 12! Mathematics is causing social unrest indirectly because students can’t make any head & tail of what is being taught. And parents invest money and purchase misery for their children.

So we have a situation here. Not only is political ideology divorced of senses but mathematics too has been faked to keep Indian kids away from real knowledge. We make fetish of everything. That is why the cult of ignorance has graduated to the status of Guardianship.

Fake history, fake social science, fake math, lies, more lies and silence!

Death Wish!

India should come clean before her population much before the History sends her to cleaners!


The other day someone tweeted “Rohingya Muslims say that they will be killed if deported and added that they are safe only in India”. Then came the punch line “Give them Indian citizenship. Next they will feel unsafe in India”. This sums up the agony of India and betrayal by Indian National Congress!

End of Chapter 14