Asato Ma Sadgamaya  -----  Lead me from darkness to light!

Truth is limited-simple; Untruth unlimited!

This is my message to the students of the global village! This presentation among others is especially meant for the students; for they have to inherit from us, our knowledge and our ignorance; so, they become wiser than we are.

I am Shiban Lal Pandita a retired Mechanical Engineer who now at age 73, will share with you the Truths as I have realized them now. I shall tell you about fault lines in sciences, as they exist.

My presentation will be covered in four sessions.

First session will begin with zero, move through space geometry and establish a connect between geometry and Gravity.

The second session is all about Einstein Deformity. I shall take on Einstein on two counts in this session. I shall explain how photo voltic effect produces electricity without the help of Quantum Mechanics.

I shall also take on Brownian Motion and explain the nature of gases and how they behave as ambience changes.

In the third session, I shall introduce the Mathematical Model of the Solar System. Here my discovery about the Principal axis which holds the system as one unit will be discussed.

I have drawn path projection of four planets viz Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars to scale. I have shown farthest distances between these planets on A-3 sheet. Here I shall also explain orbital enigma of Planet Mercury. The marriage between Time & Space as consecrated by Einstein will be dissolved.

In the last session I shall discuss evolution of Neuron and why it evolved to its present intelligence level. I shall also discuss the chief occupation of the animal/human brain. It is one fact which has escaped the attention of scientists till now.

I shall also write to HRD Ministry to constitute a committee of 6 members, two each from Mathematics, Physics and Biology to analyse veracity of my presentation to be placed in public domain.

I also carry the pen name ‘Sagar’ which I use for identifying me with my poetry, which I write in my native language-Kashmiri.

This presentation will be uploaded on my web site at chapter 23 on Aug 15 next.


Gist of Session - 1

The curvature of a curve between the intervals of 0 and 900 is equal to 11.1%. It means if chord of a curve is 100 meters then the curve length is 111.1 meters.

This important value can be used by students in solving projectile problems without involving gravity.

If Range and angle of launch is given, we can find the following parameters of the projectile:

Maximum height H; Radius of the curve; Depth at which operating flight centre in the earth is situated; Length of flight trajectory.

If time of flight is known then velocity of impact can also be determined without involving gravity.

If mass is known then energy of impact can be found.

2. Understanding the nature of gravity.

Time period of a simple pendulum is given by:

T = 2 π√L/(√g) squaring both sides we get

T2 =4π2L/g

Or g = π2(4L/T2)

Value of π as calculated by me is 25/8 means π2 = 9.765624

So g = 9.765624 (4L/T2)

This will hold only if bracketed quantity becomes 1.

So g = 9.765624 m/s2

Which is near to value observed at equator 9.78 m/s2

Means 4L/T2 =1

Or T = 2√L means Time & Length are mathematically related.

It means on this earth in free fall condition, mass accelerates as a function of a geometric constant. I call it “slip of the curve”. Those who are advancing fresh fake physics fatuity like Gravitational Waves need to stop now.

3. Big G is a big zero!

Not only did Newton slip on the path of motion but accentuated it by proposing Universal Gravitation Constant numerical value.

We have G = 6.67408 x 10-11 m3 kg-1 s-2

G numerically has been arrived at by dividing

radius of earth r2 by mass of earth x g

G = r2/m x 9.8 = 6.67408 x 10-11 m3 kg-1 s-2

Now we know that all non- accelerating frames moving in space have zero gravity.

ISS just 400 km above has zero gravity. Likewise, Earth has zero gravity.

But animate-inanimate passengers of earth have 12 km/s velocity vector.

As a consequence, possess Rest Momentum which gets realised in free fall conditions.

So, G has been actually been derived after multiplying by dimensions zero. Hence death of big G!

Every equation derived by Physicists with help of G is false!

The value of Big G has been used by Physicists to derive field equations which are wrong. Result, even after 100 years Quantum Mechanics is still a fiction.

I will, in next session explain how Photo-voltic cells work outside the scope of Quantum Mechanics.


We in India are blessed to be inheritors of words of wisdom which are timeless. Sample this: “Jal say patla gyan hai, paap bhoomi say bari”. It means knowledge is finer or transparent than water; Sin heavier than the Earth.

In Iran we had an astronomer poet, Omar Khayyam. His poetry was translated into English by Fitz Gerald. A very competent translation. In Kashmiri Rubaiyat was translated by a poet-Gulam Nabi Khayal. A masterpiece! Khayyam says: The heaviest load, if you ask me is the Truth. Is there one who will take pity on me and share my burden? I experience the same back breaking burden. Hence this presentation!

I passed out of school in May 1962 and joined college. Barely sixteen, I was on cloud nine. New found freedom was a God sent gift. One night my mother called me to partake of dinner. So, I joined. My father had just started eating. Looking at what was in the plate, I protested: What is this? Again Hakh! You should at least have fried some chips! (Now haakh is one vegetable which is always on a Kashmiri plate irrespective of other vegetables or meat.)

My father stopped eating and chastised me: Look here gentleman, before you eat first morsel, ask yourself one question: Have the kids of the farmer eaten their food, whose efforts are there in your plate to fight your hunger? Presently our farmers can’t afford two- time meals!

This revelation shook me root and branch. I descended from cloud nine on to terra firma and put myself to studies – heart and soul. In order to express my gratitude to farmers, I dedicate my discovery to the Farmers of our world who grow food for hungry humanity without a fuss, without complaining against the raw treatment which they receive at the hands of urban centric monopoly trading practices.


I shall start with Math as the subject under discussion is Mathematical Model of Solar System. I begin with zero.

Indian system of counting is simple. From antiquity counting in India was done in sets of ten. A circle has digits from 1 to 9 & next 0. So, ten symbols 360 apart on the rim of a circle made counting simple. So, when we cross 9, we say 1 &0 or one parikrama completed. Parikrama means one revolution. 20, two revolutions complete, 10,0 ten revolutions complete. 37; three revolutions and 7 and so on. Zero at units’ place means parikrama. Therefore, every two or more-digit number is reduced to have zero at unit place in order to express it in words.

1739 is expressed as one seventy- three parikramas and 9. Read as 173 tens + 9.                                                      

Zero becomes a number

India exported zero gratis. But East India Company and next Brits exported it to her colonies much appreciated in value. It became a number on a number line. Hence the confusion!

+2 is > -2. OK. But how do two unequal numbers add up to zero? No answer.

X2 +1 is equal to or > 1 is correct. But x2 + 1 = 0 means universe is a zero- sum game. This equation has no utilitarian value, yet students have to match wits with it.

But that is not all. Once we divide numerator with a number less than 1, the numerator inflates. 9/9 = 1. 9/.9 = 10; 9/.09 = 100 and so on. Recreational math need not be proved.

Unit circle is the inflated version of zero. Truth.

1) Unit circle is the foundation of Calculus. It is not difficult to understand that measurement starts from 0 and counting from 1. 1 lies at the rim of the circle.

Between 0 and 1 lies domain of geometry. But when books ask students: Prove √2 is not a rational number, all rationality ends in the giggle house of a university. The students are not guided into a farmland of rationality but in a bottomless well because √2  is a length.

In the figure II, AB is dia of the unit circle. C is a random point on circumference. The property of circle tells us that point C makes measures 90°. As is evident, the dia serves as hypotenuse of right- angled triangle ABC. So, whenever you watch a rt triangle you are looking at a semi-circle. The centre of hypotenuse serves as centre of the semi-circle. The point C is the crank point which converts circular motion into rectilinear motion.


Those who nursed calculus, it appears were in a hurry. They made many mistakes which were overlooked by generations. I have already alerted the Chief Secretaries of all States and UTs in Feb 2018 about the fault lines. Two derivation are factually wrong.

First, I will explain why Lt x→0 sinx/x = 1 is wrong.

In the figure angle QoA = x. QA is tangent is 90.

The lengths OA=OP = 1.  QA/OA = Tan x. Next area of triangle OAQ is tan x/2.

Now this is preposterous. Tan x is length and tax/2 is area of a triangle. Tan x, we know is a dimensionless number and acquires values between 0 to 572 in the intervals o0 to 890. The trouble here is the gentleman moves into domain of numbers to prove his point.

But the glaring absurdity of this trickery can’t beat a man of mathematics. The elementary geometry tells us:

If radius = base, of a right triangle equals altitude, then the area of triangle is one-half of base or altitude. It means base angle is 45°. So, in this instant case OA= AP = 1 and angle x is 45°.

The limit therefore is of doubtful integrity. I reject it.


In this figure arc QP is δs. Angles are given as shown. Using α = l/r

We have δψ =δs/r or δψ/δs = 1/r

This one real useful concept has been derived by mathematicians unsuccessfully. The math books tell us curvature is equal to 1/r. Now this solution created another problem; how to measure meter inverse because we can measure 1 meter but there is no scale that can read m-1 .

While calculating the curvature of the Sun’s path on which it travels, I discovered that it is almost a straight line. A very humble speed breaker. So, I define a straight line as:

A curve whose centre is at infinity is a straight line.

Curvature Definition:

A return to the figure where I have identified root 2 a length and not a number is actually a chord. Now imagine a body moves from A to B, it has two options; along the chord and along the curve. If it chooses the curve it has to travel extra length. The relation between extra length, length of chord and length of curve together define curvature.

A percentage of chord when added to itself equals length of curve, is the curvature of the curve. Suppose length of chord is L and when x % of L is added to it and if it equals length of curve x% is the curvature.

Means if L + x% L = length of curve then curvature is x percent. For a circle between interval 0 & 90 the curvature is 11.1%. It means if chord measures 100 meters then curve shall measure 111.1 meters.


We are still in unit circle. It conceals the secret of arithmetic. First, the fraction. We can have any number of sectors. Let us keep it simple.

1/4 means its other sibling is 3/4 . p/q means its other sibling is q-p/q.

So, we have ratios! Examples

3/7 has its sibling 4/7. Together they add up to one field. All ratios must add up to 1.

and  are expressed as 3 : 4.

As percentage; it is

3/7x 100 % &  4/7x 100 %. This is entire arithmetic.

[ A farmer leaves behind 41 cows to be divided among 3 sons in following manner. 1st gets ½, 2nd gets 1/3 and 3rd gets 1/7 cows. How to divide an odd number. Before they would quarrel, a farmer who was walking his cow stopped and offered his cow to settle the issue. So, 1st gets 21 cows, 2nd 14 cows, 3rd gets 6 cows. The farmer takes his own cow and moves on. How was the problem solved?]

Here we need to teach how to find LCM to enable a student to make denominator uniform, so numerators can be graded.

Before I went hammer and tong against gravity, I was trying to decode secret of Napier log anti-log tables. While doing so I discovered counting, multiplication and division are a one field operation. This of course won’t form the part of this presentation. So, we move on.

There are certain basic constants, I think which command control over the solar system.

I found that the major, minor axis of an ideal natural ellipses are in 9 : 8 ratio.

Nature has a measure of its own with which it does cosmos math.

1 = 144/144

1/2 = 72/144

1/8 = 18/144

1/9 = 16/144 and so on.

Next, we move to understanding the nature of gravity.

Time period of a simple pendulum is given by:

T = 2 π √L/√g  squaring both sides we get  

T2  = 4 π2     ->  g = π2 [4L/T2 ]

  • g = 9.86 [4L/T2 ]

This will hold if 4L/T2 equals 1.

Because π2  = 9.86 which is quite near to g = 9.81

It means on this earth in free fall condition, mass accelerates as a function of a geometric constant. I call it “slip of the curve”. Motion has to happen along a curve and π is intimately connected with the curve. Mass can’t accelerate unless it has Rest Momentum. For conversion of RM into dynamic momentum, the motion appreciates at a rate which is equal to slip of the curve. It is in fact an act of continuous loading motion on moving mass. But the authority of gravity survives only 1200 seconds. After that it becomes in-effective. That we shall discuss as we move into actual battleground.

From 4L/T2 we get T = 2√L . It means if L = 1 meter the time period is 2 seconds. But this is no scale, I must tell you. But a perfect square like 4 or 9 do have time period written all over them.

Next time NASA sends astronauts on moon, they can correctly measure the gravity and as a consequence net velocity vector of the moon.


Not only did Newton slip on the path of motion but accentuated it by proposing Universal Gravitation Constant numerical value.

What he did is concealed in books but the value of G is given as

                          6.66 x 10-11 N m3 Kg-2

How did he arrive at this numerical value? Here I place it before you.

Mass of Earth me = 5.972 x 1024 kg; Radius of Earth re = 6371 x 103 m & g =9.8             Now square radius of earth and divide it by mass of earth and multiply result with 9.8, we get the above numerical value which has been widely used by physicists to cook physics.

The physicists have yet to realise that all moving frames like earth, moon or Satellites like International Space Station are non- accelerating frames because their gravity has naturally or artificially been converted into motion So, their gravity is zero. But the passengers of moving frames like on Earth or in ISS have positive gravity. This gravity is conserved as Rest Momentum which gets converted into dynamic momentum once passengers get an opportunity to deboard the mother- ship- Earth.

Suppose engines of a high- flying aeroplane suddenly shut down. The plane will get an opportunity to convert Rest Momentum into dynamic momentum. Would the earth allow it a free path it will accelerate and as the velocity reaches roughly 12 Km/s it will stop accelerating and become a satellite of the earth.

So, Newton multiplied dimensions of earth with zero (gravity of Earth) and laid foundations of false physics.

Value of G = 0


Space Geometry

Thus, Spake Nature’s Geometrician:

Take three random points in space. There is definitely 4th point which is equidistant from these three points. It means these three points lie on a curve whose centre is the 4th point. It also means that these three points are themselves centres to three separate curves. So, space is a web of curves. There is no straight path available in space. Every point is point of inflexion of a curve. Every point in space is fall point. That is space.

Curves are constrained by their very construction. A very useful formula we use while designing arches and which is concealed from the students is reproduced here under.

R is the range of the curve. We call it chord. Right! H is the maximum height of the curve from the chord. The radius of the curve can be determined by the formula:

r = H/2 + R^2/8H

We can find the centre of an arc by selecting 3 random points. Two chords, their right bisector will meet at a point. This is the centre of the curve. So, every information of a curve can be collected without rummaging the argumentative calculus.

Now with the dynamic parameters already available in public domain, operating centre of the ISS can be accurately established which is deep inside the earth. Like a kid running while flying a kite, the earth carries all satellites on its monotonous orbital motion.

Before I conclude session one, I want you to know why a ball once kicked doesn’t land at moon but returns to the earth.

Motion of mass in space has to happen with respect to a point. Our hand from a plate to mouth has to move along a curve. The knuckle joint serves as the centre of motion. Likewise, while walking; 1800 motion. It is a pedal movement. Nothing can move in a straight line. But rockets have to avoid the fall points so they move along an inclined plane. Hence motion has to be supplied to keep it going. I shall explain it better in next sessions.

Now suppose a player kicks a ball. The first moments decide the curved path decoded by the ball which depends upon the angle of launch. The first moments decide the operating centre of the flight which lies in the earth. So, mass doesn’t move up but below towards earth. Mass is always on a collision 

Course with the earth.

The problems of projectiles can be solved without involving gravity through pure geometry.

Say, a player kicks a ball from goal post and we measure point of impact and time of flight we can find velocity.

R = 100 meter

Means flight path = 100 + 11.1 % of 100 = 111.1 meters

Time is t seconds. So, average velocity is 111.1/t m/s.
Means we can solve projectile problems without involving gravity.


“All that glitters is not gold” said Shakespeare. The celebrity mathematics is a charming fallacy. They have woven confusion because simple truths have escaped their attention. I have placed before you an opportunity to filter information which are retailed through math books.

I must repeat here: counting, multiplication and division are a one-field operation. Truth is simple!

Session 2 will be uploaded on 15th Sep 2020